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April 19, 2023

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419. Kamloops Winter Sunset: Shorter Version of #418 Video. Dec 28, 2022

This is a shorter version of the video #418, with mainly views from the front camera. It is made for people liking to look around while enjoying the beautiful Kamloops natural beauty. This version has no music, just an engine and wind sound.


418. Kamloops Winter Sunset: Uncut Front Camera View. Dec 28, 2022

This is a long version of the video #417, with mainly views from the front camera. It is made for people liking to look around while enjoying the beautiful Kamloops natural beauty. This version has no music, just an engine and wind sound.


417. Kamloops Winter Sunset, Part 2 of 2. Dec 28, 2022

Spectacular atmospheric conditions were captured in this late afternoon video. High clouds above, low clouds just below, orange glow from setting down sun, rainbow, blue sky, spectacular clouds colors and shapes…. Majority of my flight was very peaceful and relaxing, but also with sharp awakening by a local turbulence. Good aerial view of Batchelor Hill area, Brock, glowing in the sun Mt Peter, Harper Ranch area, Dallas, North and NW Ridge area, Tranquille Farm / Padova area.


416. Kamloops Winter Sunset, Part 1 of 2. Dec 28, 2022

Finally, some decent weather for very nice late afternoon flight. This is short video from above Brock and North Shore areas. I forgot to turn my main camera on, so I had to turn back and start again. The sky was spectacular with beautiful effect from sun setting behind the hills.


415. Cold Birds Views from Kamloops Areas. Dec 13, 2022

I was waiting whole month for this moment due to unreasonable weather. It was worth of wait. The air was smooth like silk which took off the usual nasty weather related surprises. I am showing very detail views of Bachelor Heights residential area (from N to S) and Tranquille Farm (Padova City). I flew low level in 3 different directions to show that mysterious place. It was very good, 96 km long flight.


414. Spectacular Flight over Snowy Downtown, Sun Rivers, Harper Ranch and North Ridge. Kamloops Nov 12, 2022

Finally, another nice flight after long pause due to bad weather. Everything looks even more spectacular with the contrasting snow covered and bare surfaces. Check it out.


413. Local, 170 km Long Flight till 30 min after the Sunset. Kamloops Oct 15, 2022

Enjoyable evening flight to see Kamloops sunset and then till the end of allowable legal limit, which is 30 min pass the sunset.

Interesting views of Kamloops, Knutsford areas, North Ridge and Kamloops in nightlight.


412. Rough Flying to See Ravaged Area by 2021 Wildfire of Monte Lake. Kamloops Oct 12, 2022

This was my 3rd attempt to see the effect of the 2021 devastating wildfire in Monte Lake area. The bad turbulence always won over my bravery. Not this time. I stuck with it and even when I complicated it with my 1 pm take-off during heat laden air. The timing guaranteed good bumps. I was not disappointed. The visibility was much better than during my usual early morning take offs, but the turbulence was relentless. I was really swearing into my helmet after some serious jolts.

The area looks like a different world. I felt like being in the volcano crater. Poor residents: they had to live through this nature hell. I think I have very interesting video from 5 cameras documenting my 130 km flight.


411. Fantastic River Sandbars from the Air, Sep 27, 2022

The end of my 133 km (83 mi) journey, flight over the South Thompson River sandbars. They are forming very interesting, complex, ever-changing and very beautiful under/above water creations. Two minutes video.


410. Flight to Red Lake to Check Results of the Devastating 2021 Sparks Forest Fire, Sep 27, 2022

Flight started flying west, above the Kamloops North Ridge, following the steep and rugged north shoreline of Kamloops Lake. I then followed the Copper Creek farming valley to the Red Lake area which was devastated by the incredible 2021 Sparks wildfire. This fire consumed 737 km2 (280 mi2) of forest. It was interesting to see how such an enormous fire burned very selectively in many places. Some trees were untouched with many islands of trees still green, while everything around is black. I continued to Deadman Rd valley with several low passes by very interesting steep cliff rock formations, reminding me of many Europeans castles built similarly on steep hills. Strangely, the air was filled with fire smoke, while nothing was burning up wind. I finished my journey with several low passes over the ever-changing underwater sandbars, forming very interesting, complex and beautiful creations.


409. Nice Flight in Serious Turbulence, Kamloops Sep 7, 2022

It looked like an ideal condition for flying, but the reality changed very quickly into a nasty turbulence. Decent condition changed within 10 km into scary situation. Cool morning, no wind, cloudy without thermals so why this sudden change? I had to change my original plan because I did not want to push my luck. It was still very nice and eventually peaceful flight. Test


408. My Stupid Mistake and Surprised Trike Reaction, Kamloops Aug 28, 2022

This is short video taken from my previous video #407. I am showing in details my serious mistake and consequence when I forgot to buckle up the seat belt.

My seat belt is not the best kind. It has the flip up latch to open it. This poor design allowed me to unbuckle in flight (3x) when lifting the neck camera. I solved this unpleasant problem with the funny pack covering the buckle. The camera strap does not accidentally unbuckle me now, but complicate situation to buckle up in flight.

The air was very good and steady. I set (tuned) the electric wing trim to level, hands free flight first. The complication started when trying to place both belt ends under the funny pack with camera on the top of it. Then, suddenly and instantly the control bar went to max forward up to the front brace. I did not change the RPM. It had to be vertical puff of air. This proved my point that it is important to relax your hands on control bar, but still control or dampen the bar/wing from reaching the extreme movement due to the asymmetrical vertical air movements.

407. Turbulence Changed my Plan to Fly to another Nature Beauty, Kamloops Aug 28, 2022

Originally I had different plan, but totally unexpected and ever increasing turbulence made me turn around and look for some more peaceful place to fly. I found it and it was very beautiful country site with many lakes, hills and deep valleys. I had also one stupid moment shoving how close I was to some serious problem. I will show more details in my follow up short video to show my stupidity from different camera angles. You will get the pictures in this video.


406. Flight to Salmon Arm Airport Coffee and Return Flight Back at Hot Noon, Aug 17, 2022

I was considering this flight for long time, but the hot noon weather effect scared me from doing it. Salmon Arm flying club, about one hour away, has Wednesday morning coffee fly-ins, which starts at 10 am. Normally, I am back from my flights by 9 am to prevent the nastiness of the hot weather turbulence. This time it was different. I took off at 9 am (22 C / 72 F) and returned at noon at 29 C (84 F). The first leg was a straight line over some mountain area very hostile to emergency landing. I encounter turbulence close to the peak. The turbulence is not the problem, but the apprehension about what will come next. Is this the first warning, would it get worse, what to do next. I could go higher, but eventually I had to go low too… Salmon Arm is very member active airport located is beautiful area by enormous Shuswap Lake. I had coffee and Tim bits, took some pictures, talked to other pilots and headed back.

I followed the highway and the river valley through the civilization on my way back. The sun was in my back, so it was better for the cameras. This video is extract from my 10 hours, 5 camera videos, 214 km (133 mi) long flight through one of the best nature in this region. There was practically no heat turbulence except above the concrete runways, like always.


405. Beautiful Flying to Douglas Lake over Many Other Lakes, Aug 12, 2022

190 km (118 mi) long trip through the most picturesque hills, valleys and lake areas to a special recreational area of Douglas Lake Ranch.  The ranch is owned by an USA company as a self contained small village even with private airstrip and church. I visited this area several times by road and flying there and every time I discover something new. Enjoy my video!


404. Mountain Flying to Greenstone Mt, Ajax Mine, Kamloops Downtown and Watching Creek Wild Fire, Aug 6, 2022

It was very relaxing and a bit colder flight (11 C (52 F) to very nice area of Greenstone mountain.  It used to be the forestry fire watch tower, before they switched to satellites and electronics. The shack is still there and maintained be volunteers even though it was several times vandalized. It is one of the highest peaks in that region which offers perfect 360 deg view. I flew to Ajax dormant gold mine for low path views, Kamloops downtown, Kamloops landmarks Mt Peter & Paul. Finally I flew for aerial view of still classified as out of control wild fire started by Jul 29 lightning. I have been watching and video this Watching Creek fire progress from ground up and now from top down. You could see defensive reddish lines from the local jet water bombers and fire break path to stop the fire progress. It is still burning (smoldering) in the E and NE slopes.


403. Hot Summer Morning Flight to Isobel and Many Other Lakes, Jul 28, 2022

I took off at 7:30 in 24 C (75 F) sweating temperature to cool off in higher up, but no luck. Regardless, I flew over another spectacular and diverse terrain with many lakes, hills, deep valleys, meadows and forest. I am shoving this beautiful Kamloops region which is relatively easily accessible by the roads and very popular with locals looking for a fun in nature. Places to see:

Long Lake, Lac Du Bois, McQueen Lake, Griffin Lake, Isobel Lake, Battle Bluff, Frederick, Tranquille Creek Canyon, Tranquille farm, Kamloops Lake, North Ridge


402. Another Fantastic Flight to Knuff Lake and Sun Peaks, Second Largest Ski Resort in Canada, Jul 20, 2022

Morning flight to beautiful recreational area of Knuff and Sullivan lakes and then to Canada famous Sun Peaks. Sun Peaks is the 2nd largest ski resort in Canada. It is year round super fun to spend time there. I had opportunity to add extra perspective into that spectacular playground. I was a bit chilly at 8000 ft (2438 m).


401. Flight to Ashcroft and Landing in Cache Creek, Jul 14, 2022

Perfect flight in spectacular river valley and good combination of sun and cloud for good video. I did this route several times and it is always challenging with very variable weather conditions. There are several valleys meeting in one point which is very often rough to fly through. After every landing in Cache Creek I made decision not to land there anymore, but, like this time, I did it again. This is short video from 165 km flight made into very nice music. Check our luckiness to live in such complex natural beauty. I had very rare opportunity to video two opposing trains in the same place, but separated by river. It looks like model trains running in the loop. 



400. Flight over Mountain to Chase and S Thompson River Track Back, Jul 2, 2022

It was one of my best ever flight; perfectly relaxing and without any unpleasant weather surprises. I flew in straight line over the Paul Lake and Harper Ski Hill to Chase at 7:30 am with sun directly into my face. I could not wait for my return flight with sun in my back and perfect visibility. This video is made into very happy and jumpy music to boost your mood. I spent an extra time over the Sun Rivers subdivision, spectacularly located and built under Kamloops famous landmarks, Mt Peter & Paul.


399. Hot Evening Flight over Flooding Rivers, Jun 25, 2022

It was the first very hot day and in this case evening, 30C (86 F) at 8 pm. I flew to check the status of our two major rivers flooding. It was a bit let down, because the water level was lower then previous night. This is good news that the predicted, half century flooding will not happen. We cannot do victory lap, because the nature could always surprise us with own quirks.

It was very good flight and the resulting video, fully annotated is showing it. I really like to read your comments, which is the only reward for my hours of hopefully not wasted life.


398. Flying over Flooding S Thompson River from Chase for Kamloops Lake. Jun 20, 2022

I flew 150 km in early morning to see the state of the South Thompson River. This followed my previous flight (video) in Jun 11, 2022 over N Thompson River.

The flooding of N and S Thompson rivers is an annual event. Each spring those rivers change from shallow rivers with many islands, beautiful beaches and interestingly sculptured sand bars into raging rivers (almost like small lakes) flooding many low laying fields and areas. Time to time they create disaster floods as marked on the attached photo of the historic floods. So far, the rivers are at annual flood, but forecast is for disastrous flood in the level of 1972. It was very relaxing flight above all green and yellow terrain except usual and sudden turbulence to wake me up from my daydreams.



397. Flying over Kamloops Flooding Rivers in Turbulence. Landing Experiment. Jun 11, 2022

An unusually colder spring delayed snow melting in the mountains. Finally we had several very warm days and mainly nights which is now accelerating the snow melting. The rivers cannot keep up and so we are expecting some serious floods. I flew to check it out. The North and South Thompson rivers are already spilling out in the low laying areas. It was almost relaxing flight until I hit serious turbulence in the 7:30 morning sun heat. This cut into my original plan.

I did also my pre landing experiment to lower the effect of dark and hot runway in the middle of green and cold grass. It really took an age from usual unpleasant turbulent landings. My experiment worked.



396. Flight to Buse Lake Area in Sudden and Crazy Turbulences. May 29, 2022

Early morning flight into a special natural rock formation in very weird weather. I started with no wind, which was changing up to 53 km/h. The flying was from very relaxing to instant heavy turbulence. Landing was interesting too with head wind speed from 52 km/h  to no wing within 1000’ elevation difference. I was hoping to fly close to the Buse Hill rock face, but the weather conditions there were too risky.


 395. Beautiful Flight to Paska and Other Lakes. Playing in the Clouds. May 24, 2022

Super flight to Paska Lake Recreation Resort, low level fluffy clouds to Ajax mine and Kamloops area.


394. Beautiful Flight to Roche Lake Area. May 21, 2022

This was one of my best flights over many lakes, meadows, hills and valleys. The sky was sprinkled with scattered clouds creating interesting patterns of shadows down below. The flight was mix of relaxation to full attention from turbulence. It was also my best landing with zero kinetic energy into my wheels. I was impressed.


393. Turbulent Flight to Deadman River Valley, May 17, 2022

The flight was almost relaxing until I entered the Deadman Valley (NW of Savona, BC). I experienced very good turbulence dance and on few occasions “trap door open” feelings. I was pushed up at 1000’ per minutes in one location.  There were now clouds above me. Overall, it was very good flight in, as always, spectacular nature.


392. Flying between Battle Bluffs and Harper Ranch in Heavy Turbulence, May 10, 2022

My original plan was much more ambitious, but I had to change it due to increasingly more unpleasant turbulence. Terrain is more beautiful with greens covering the majority of its surface. My flight is over the most beautiful natural area of Kamloops showing the diversity and complexness of our nature.



 391. Flying to Tobiano, Savona Mt, Tunkwa Lake, Logan Lake, Lac Le Jeune, Ajax, Petersen Creek, Apr 23, 2022

Flying 145 km round trip through some spectacular and also sad scenery. The SW portion of my flight was over the remnants of the devastating 2021 forest fire(s). It looks interesting, but also very sad. The small town (pop 2500) Logan Lake was the center of unwanted attention during that fire. The people saved themselves by installing external sprinkler systems on their structures. It was very close call.

I captured also different and complete view of Tobiano and nearby hoodoo areas. East side of Mt Savona looks very interesting.

I flew over several still frozen lakes around Lac Le Jeune. I had an opportunity to spot the three large flocks of cranes, but much lower then I was flying. I made a few attempts to get closer, but they were faster in their maneuvers. They were very well aware of my presents above them.

I made closer aerial video of the Petersen Creek canyon and Kamloops downtown. Don’t forget to watch the river underwater structures, my popular and continually changing nature beautification.  It was very good flight


390. Flying to Louis Creek, Whitecroft and Heffley Lake, Apr 15, 2022

It was very nice flight through the backcountry in deep valleys.  In 2021 fire season the Whitecroft was in unwanted center of attention when it was part of very bad forest fire. The fire result could be seen in video. It was very close to the Whitecroft village and just barely separated from the very popular Sun Peaks Ski Resort, the 2nd largest ski resort in Canada. We were very lucky.

Nice view of still frozen Heffley Lake.

The landing was as expected, hairy. There was no reported wind at the airport, the air was about 5C, but the dark runway was heated to perhaps to 15C. This created very unpleasant turbulence near the runway surface. I also felt twice sudden push from the back, which was the first one for me. I was bounced in every direction, which is not very pleasant experience few feet from the ground.


389. Round Flight to Merritt BC through Beautiful Nicole Valley, Mar 29, 2022

I few to small city airport in Merritt. Merritt was seriously damaged during the autumn 2021 flooding. Some houses and properties were destroyed. I could not see much of that effect from the air. Merritt is located in beautiful mountain surroundings and connected with famous Coquihalla Hwy well known from reality TV show Highway thru Hell. I flew over the city and stopped for brief chat with local pilot, changed camera battery and flew back close to “Highway thru Hell”. Sun heat started thermal turbulence already (11 am), but it was not too bad. It was very nice, 190 km long flight.


388. Exploring Kamloops Area Natural Beauty, Mar 24, 2022

I am presenting fantastic beauty of the Kamloops NE Ridge area. I flew above 3 herds of wild horses grazing in very picturesque setting. It was windy, but not gusty day to have very good flying experience. Join me to see what only a few people could experience.


387. Flying back from Cache Creek Challenging Airport, Part 2 of 2. Mar 16, 2022

This is second leg of my flight as describes in video #386. I was not looking forward to take off due to high wind in about 45 deg to my left. It was bumpy, but not too bad. Trip scenery is always spectacular, because it is very diverse. It is very complex terrain all around us. I wish it was a bit green to make it more colorful, but it is still too early for that. The flight was very easy and smooth except, of course, just above Kamloops runway. The sun was already cooking and with no wind, there were very good thermals all the way down.


386. Flying to Cache Creek Challenging Airport, Part 1 of 2. Mar 16, 2022

The weather was just great with blue sky to fly 45 min west to small, single runway, mountain type airport. I was following Thompson River valley, over Tobiano, Savona, Walhachin and Cache Creek. This flight was over relatively safe terrain for some emergency landings. The airport location creates challenging (to say it mildly) landing conditions. It is the place where all kind of mountain wind streams are colliding. I am used to an “unlimited” space at Kamloops airport, so everything else looks very small from the air and it looks really small. The short and narrow runway is surrounded by Coastal Mountain Ridge, snow covered on the west, deep and relatively narrow, sun heated valley on the east. South side is even worse with a hill then narrow valley and then steep up to the runway edge. I was not trilled with stacked up concrete barriers just of the west side of runway. I had a hard time to spot the wind sock. Eventually I spotted straight line of the wind sock, indicating the wind speed is at least 25 knots from south. I was considering skipping the landing, but eventually I did landed there. I stayed just a few minutes to replace battery in one camera and take some pictures. There is practically nothing around, because of the 2018 devastating area fire.


385. Exploring North Thompson River with Insta360 One X2 Camera. Mar 6, 2022

I had very nice flight while testing additional features of my new camera, Insta360 One X2. In this video, I used explanatory comments of tested features.


384. Super Day over Super Nature – The Way the Birds See It. Mar 3, 2022

It was unbelievable sunny day with very complex sky and complex ground. Dark and still some snow covered surface created indescribable nature complexness which would be a big challenge for any artist to paint. I tested my Insta360 One X2 camera in another location, but I am still not happy with the result. The next time I will mount it on the wing. This video plays into classical music, creating relaxing mood. The last few years of camera technology progress surprises me every time I view my videos. Let me know if you like it.


383. Testing my New Camera Insta360 One X2, Part 2 of 2. Feb 18, 2022

Side mounted camera vibrated too much in previous video. This time I mounted it up front on the trike nose. Resulted video, which looks like globe must be edited into viewable clips to be integrated and synchronize with other GoPro cameras. A big advantage is that I could keep horizon level in turns. This has to be done manually in post editing process. Also the GoPro camera video could be speeded up max 3x without too much of extra distractions. Faster it plays more jerking it become. I tested the Insta360 in speed 8x faster, which translates into perceived flying speed of 960 km/h (597 mph). I was very impressed with the results. This and part 1 videos just test the features. I will be very careful not to be sucked into gimmicks. The bottom line is that camera is very impressive.


 382. Testing my New Camera Insta360 One X2, Part 1 of 2. Feb 18, 2022

Just bought the Insta360 One X2 camera and testing it in two positions. In this test it is on my side long mount. The bracket is long but it is vibrates too much.

I am learning totally new field of editing. This camera is actually two cameras together taking 360 global views. I have to edit individual views, play speed, horizon angle correction in turns…, just more time to kill. I also wanted to know if it will integrate with my GoPro cameras. So far it works. This and part 2 videos just test the features. I will be very careful not to be sucked into gimmicks. The bottom line is that camera is very impressive.


 381. Interrupted Flight due to Heavy Turbulence and Strong Wind. Feb 10, 2022

It was beautiful sunny day with no wind and +2C (36F). I was planning to fly to different airport, Merritt BC. I noticed over Knutsford area my ground speed was 177km/h (110mph)!! Wow, that’s the first one! I was pushed by 65km/h (40mph) tail wind. Such a drastic change between elevations.

I knew that I would have hard time to fly in that headwind back. It was decision time: Should I or shouldn’t I? Suddenly terrible turbulence started which bounced me very good. It decided for me. I turned back and was inching towards Kamloops while being kicked by the Mother Nature. I heard from another pilot that it is decent at 7000ft, and it was. Practically no turbulence but painfully slow progress in that 65km/h headwind. GPS was showing that I am still moving, but I have no sense of motion from my elevation. I was not looking forward the fly down through that nastiness, but it was not bad west of the airport. Eventually I made it through into total calmness. Wow. What an experience.


380. My Best Flight to Harper and Sun Peaks Ski Hills. Feb 6, 2022

This was my age depressing, 75th birthday flight. I needed to take some edges of those “It’s over life feelings”. Fortunately, the weather was perfect to relax in the air. I flew first to Harper Mountain Ski area, showing our smaller ski hill. The next on my list was the 2nd largest ski area in Canada, Sun Peaks. I made several fly-arounds to show the vastness of that enormous playground region. The visibility was very good to see 100 km or so all around. It is not boring and uniform terrain, but very complex and diverse configurations in all directions. Bring your coffee, sit down and watch our beauty from very unique perspective. Watch it on large screen of smart TV. It is worth it.


379. Day to Explore Natural Beauty of Kamloops, SW and NW Areas. Jan 24, 2022

This was one of the best days for winter flying with smooth air and very little weather surprises. I flew over many frozen lakes and mountain ridges, eventually view Kamloops form 8,000’ elevation from over the NW Ridge.


378. Beautiful Winter Flying in N Thompson Valley, Jan 18, 2022

Nice flying day to get some fresh air and have fun with it.


377. Kamloops First Flight in 2022. Relaxing, Awesome and Turbulent, Jan 15, 2022

After long period of very cold weather, the Mother Nature smartened up with quickly disappearing snow and above freezing temperatures. Patches of the disappearing snow created very interesting ground patterns with awesome results. It was very good flight at totally relaxing mode, but also with some shaking up turbulence. New camera mount and view angle.





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