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April 19, 2023

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181. Short Cold Flight over South Ridge and Sandbars, Kamloops, Dec 23, 2017

It was cold, -12C, but beautiful and sunny day. Had to hand shovel snow to get from the hangar to taxiway. I used to fly down to -25C, but my ultralights were slow to max 50 km/h.  -12C at 110 km/h feels very cold especially on the face and my fingers. There is an opening in the front bottom of the pod to accommodate the steerable front wheel. This creates serious and concentrated draft directly into the face, which is very unpleasant. Even the microphone wind screen sponge froze solid from my steamy breath. I had to raise my voice to penetrate the ice.

Overall it was very good flight. Actually, by default, the flying in winter is more pleasant then in summer, because usually there is no turbulence to worry about. 

180. Flight to Mt Peter and Paul, Downtown and Sandbars, Kamloops, Dec 4, 2017

Very nice but cold flight to very scenic Kamloops landmark, Mt Peter and Paul. It shows annotated views of both hills in unique perspective. I saw 'flock" of 8 eagles on the South Thompson river. Turn your sound on to heal relaxing music while flying with me in that beautiful Kamloops countryside

179. Flight with Clouds, Kamloops, Nov 17, 2017

It was perfect day for flying: Stable air, sunny with fluffy clouds and +5C. I like to fly "with" clouds, which is above, below and around them, but I never dared to fly into them, yet. Right now it is enough to fly under them and to feel their effect. I followed the North Ridge east to Harper mountain area; Mount Peter & Paul surrounded with clouds and then back to Mara Mt and my favourite North Thompson River sand bars. The sand bar area is now larger then the water surface

178. Flight around Kamloops Lake, Oct 27, 2017

I had so much fun a day before that I decided to do the same again this morning. It was on cooler side (5C) and a bit haze in the air, but still beautiful day to fly. I decided to fly around Kamloops Lake, starting with north shore above the North Ridge. This area is very beautiful, but not very emergency friendly place to have engine out moment. The south shore has more places to drop it down in case of an emergency. It is very beautiful all around. I also encounter weather inversion. It was about 10C warmer at 5000' then 1000' above ground, where I usually fly. I run this video x faster so it is not boring. I also synchronised almost all video cuts into the music beat. Watch it and let me know if this video slowed your heart beat.

177. Flying above Nicola Valley Clouds, Kamloops Oct 26, 2017

It vas a crispy morning which allowed me to fly in beautiful, Kamloops area countryside. The Nicola Valley was totally covered by clouds and so I had an opportunity to fly over them. It was spectacular scene and very rare opportunity to do this. I then flew over my popular spots, Mt Peter and Paul. The air was very stable which happens very seldom there. My flight was topped off with beautiful fall colors near the airport. It was very good day.

176. Cold and Unpleasant Turbulent Flight, Kamloops Oct 23, 2017

This morning with no ground wind and 5C looked too good not to go flying. The first part was uneventful until I wanted to take a picture and realized that my Fuji camera is on the beck seat. I had only slight hope that it is still there. I informed tower that I am changing my plan and going down. Eventually I reached back and was able to grab that camera. Yahoo! I did not loose it. I informed the tower that I changed my plan again to my original plan.

I experienced the effect of cold and warm areas from deep shade in valley on north side and warm sunny side on the other side of the ridge. This was coupled with the 18 km/h upper wind blowing over the ridge. It was wild ride.

It was short flight, because I am getting wimpy and less tolerant to the low temperatures. Now -5C is too cold for me while in Fort McMurray I used to fly down to minus 25C. The reality is that I used to have much better gloves, but now I operate too many buttons, which is impossible in some serious winter mittens. Now, my fingers quit first, which is not very pleasant feeling.

175a. Turbulence between Mt Peter and Mt Paul from 3 Cameras Views, Oct. 11, 2017

Short clip from flying in turbulence between Mt Peter and Mt Paul. It shows the same locations from 3 cameras consecutively.

175. Short Local Flight in Beautiful Cloudy Sky, Kamloops Oct 11, 2017

The summed disappeared so fast. After almost month vacation, I had an urge to fly again. The sky was covered by very heavy but beautiful clouds, which would be perfect for picture taking. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. I had a few bumps on my way, but nothing extraordinary. Only the landing was not as I would like, actually it was bad in my books. The landing actually looked much better on video (even in slow motion) then during my landing.

174. Flying in Kamloops with Cathy, Aug 27, 2017

This was another milestone in my flying life. It was the first time ever that I carried a passenger. Cathy Montgomery, ultralight flying instructor from Ontario was visiting Kamloops. She contacted me through Facebook with a wish to meet me. So we did and eventually I took her for ride around Kamloops in beautiful, but a bit hazy Sunday morning. I did not notice any difference in handling of my trike and only very slight degradation in performance. I never push my trike anyway, so that explains the engine spare capacity available for this flight.

I noticed, when editing this video, that Cathy was on her edge before our landing. She grabbed the control bar cables and she was ready to interfere if needed. It was not necessary as I was in full control and confident in my abilities. It was good flight.

173. Flying in Kamloops in Rough Turbulence, Aug 25, 2017

The weather was very tempting to go flying. Normally, I would try to avoid flying in the afternoon heat, because it could be nasty in Kamloops. As there was a slight wind, I concluded that the air would be well mixed to prevent heat turbulence. My original plan was to fly Sun Peaks and Chase, but it evaporated very quickly. It was bumpy above downtown, but as soon as I crossed Mt Paul to its north side, the turbulence in the valley was too much for me to have fun. I turn back west, while flying over the North Ridge. The flight over there was almost pleasurable. Finally I turned south over the river sand bars, which I love to photograph and explore.

172. Flying to Savona to Check Forest Fires, Aug 18, 2017

Kamloops had an exceptional weather that day. The blue sky was all around us and no traces of forest fires smoke. It was very rare condition during more that month now. Very often, we were chocked by the falling ash and heavy smoke, with almost zero visibility. I decided to fly as far west as I could to see where the smoke is coming from. I flew to Savona which was the last place west of the airport which was still open to general aviation. The rest was open just for the forest fighting aircrafts. I could see no smoke anywhere from my 6,500' elevation, which was very good news. The fires are far away from the Kamloops.

I took off at 7am west into no wind. I was following the south shore of the Kamloops Lake where I was met with some serious turbulence. I had to admit that I lost my turbulence practice and tolerance, because my previous flights were very smooth. I was surprised and contemplating to turn back, because it did not feel like fun flight. I figured that I was caught in downdraft of south wind rolling over the mountains from my left side (south). I braved it and eventually I relaxed and tried to enjoy it.

I was pushed by some serious tail wind at 45 km/h (~29 MPH) with my ground speed of 145 km/h (90 MPH) on the way back. There was no wind when I arrived to the Kamloops airport area.

I flew several times around the ever increasing sand bars (summer low water level in the river). Visited downtown, with some heat turbulence ride.

I stopped at the airport fire prevention aircraft base for selfies and pictures of the water tanker aircrafts. Overall, it was good day for me. 

171. Flying in Kamloops in Very Smoky Sky, Aug 12, 2017

We lost our mountains for about 2 weeks to numerous forest fires in our province. Visibility and air quality was extremely poor to dangerous. Airport was closed for several days, because of very dense smoke.

Finally, there was some hope. The mountains started to appear around us again and I was hoping that it would be much clearer higher up. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The visibility and smoke smell was getting worse further east and higher I flew. I had to change my plan from cross country to just low flying around the airport. It was good flight with very smooth air, so nothing, video exciting happened during this flight. The water level in our rivers is low so I could fly again above the growing and ever changing sand bars.

170. Sixth Annual Pacific Northwest Trike Fly-in of Trikes near Sandpoint ID, USA, July 27, 2017

I droved 650 km my motorcycle from Kamloops to Sandpoint in Idaho. The roads were perfect through beautiful mountain valleys. I wanted to see some other trikes in real life and not just from YouTube. I staid 2 nights, but only one day at the one week long event. I was very impressed with attendance, variety of designs, shapes and beauty of the private grass strip area. I was hoping to get some ride, but no luck.

I chose different road to go back up to Nakusp, BC. I drove several hours in very hot and unpleasant weather (36 C), which felt like hair dryer on high setting blowing into my face. After some rest and exploring, I turned back towards 450 km ride home. Just about 60 km south of Nakusp, I collided with a bear and messed up my one year old BMW C650 GT scooter. The impact did not feel like too much for me, but the young bear was knocked down. No blood just the front end damaged. My bike was towed back to Nakusp and the next morning we were towed to Kelowna BMW dealer. I continued then by bus home. Overall it was very nice trip except the end.


169. Flying to Sun Peaks, July 25, 2017

This was another milestone in my flying career. I flew almost straight line over the hills to Sun Peaks. Normally I would follow roads and more-engine-out friendly environment. It was easy and uneventful flight over beautiful scenery, but a bit hazy from all those extreme fires all around Kamloops.

168. Flying to Greenstone Mountain and Savona, July 12, 2017

It was extremely smoky in Kamloops from dozens of fires around us. This day, early in the morning looked promising, so why to waste it. I decided to fly around Greenstone Mountain, 5,900 ft elevation, S-W from the airport. It was high enough to have clear air, which is important for good pictures. I visually checked the status of the evacuated Cache Creek due to forest fire there. I did not see any smoke above the village, but the smoke was about 30-40 km north from the village. I pass this good news with pictures and short video clip to several evacuees to give then some hope to go home soon. On my way back east to airport I was seeing many water bombers and helicopters with water buckets flying west to fight those devastating fires. Over all it was good flying day.

167. Flying to Cache Creek Airport, July 5, 2017

It was another, 133 km long, cross country flight to small airport in Cache Creek. I took off at 7 am in already 26C temperature and no wind in Kamloops. The flight was very pleasant with practically no surprises. I was going up wind of about 18 km/h with no problem until I realised that it might be very interesting at the Cache Creek airport. It is single runway in N-S orientation on the side of high mountain. I was facing potentially 90 deg cross wind. The wind sock showed cross wind from East, while I was all the time flying against the wind from West. I realized now, when writing this intro, that I was actually facing the bottom part of the downdraft on my approach. It was not pleasant to be bounced sideway. My touch down was not very good looking and I would say it was a bad landing.

I spent several minutes at the airport, took several pictures, replaced batteries in all my four cameras, and headed back to Kamloops. It was visibly faster going back with the 18 km/h tail wind.

I stopped by WW2 bomber B25, which was visiting from Arizona, USA. This rare airplane is one of only 3 in existence from 10,000 built. I took some pictures of my trike with B25 in background.

166. Canada Day Flying in Kamloops, July 1, 2017

It was a special day for Canada and Canadians, because Canady celebrated 150 years of its birth. A few days before my flight, we had a forest fire NW of the airport. I flew there to check out the damage. To my surprise it was just small area which looked more like result of a control burn rather then fire out of control.

I then flew over Kamloops main landmarks, Mt Peter and Paul, downtown to check the early morning beginning of massive Canada Day celebration. Finally I flew nearby the Afton gold and cooper mine. It was very good flying day with no weather surprises.

165. Flying to Ajax, Knutsford, Downtown and North Ridge Chasing Clouds, June 17, 2017

After I adjusted the camera bracket (see previous video # 164), I went up again to Ajax mine area, Knutsford and down south over Kamloops downtown. Then I spotted a band of reachable clouds over the North Ridge. I went to chase them with very strong urge to dive into them, but again I chickened out. There was not any danger to get lost or flying blindly, but the pure fact that air density is significant different in clouds form normal sky. I did want deal with any nasty surprise.

164. Flying to West of Tobiano to Check the Nature, June 17, 2017

I went for hike and discovered spectacular scenery few km west of golf resort in Tobiano on Kamloops Lake. I decided to check it out from the air too. Also I modified my new, homemade camera bracket and I found that the horizon was tilted. I adjusted the camera when I landed and then went again flying. Check next video #165

163. Checking Kamloops Overflowing Thompson Rivers, June 4, 2017

It has been annual ritual to go to see swollen North and South Thompson rivers in their Kamloops confluence. They carry water from the melted mountain snow and unusually high spring rain water. Initially it is interesting and beautiful, but eventually damaging to the lower elevation areas. I flew over both rivers to see how the high water level changed the character of the Kamloops valleys.

162. Knutsford Flying Club BBQ, June 3, 2017

Knutsford Fly-in-BBQ by Thompson Valley Sport Aircraft Club members

161. Kamloops Flying Club Fly-in-Breakfast, May 27, 2017

Kamloops Airport Flying Club Fly-in-Breakfast

160. My Length Record Flight from Kamloops to Salmon Arm, May 26, 2017

Well, finally I did it. I decided to fly to Salmon Arm municipal airport, true test of my new, 50% faster, "Northwing Quest GT5" wing. I woke up early to perfectly sunny and no wind day. I pulled Salmon Arm airport info (GPS, elevation, radio frequency and runway numbers), packed my 4 cameras, 3 GPS, bunch of spare batteries, 20 L of extra mixed fuel in canister and in about 40 minutes I was ready to go. The day was perfect and about 17C, but I still dressed in my full winter gear. It is not fun to be cold and no way to change it. I was glad I did that. I was taking short cut over to mountains and there was still snow under me at 6000'.

The only negative was very low rising sun blasting into my face and very hazy day. We had a lot of rain this month and several very hot days causing all that moist air hanging low above ground. It was not easy to take good pictures in these bluish conditions.

I made it to Salmon Arm with no problem, just too many flying people and no traffic control which I am not use to anymore. Finally, I found slot to drop in. It was hot already, so I had to unpeel my winter clothes. One pilot offered me coffee, used toilet, visited one fellow, exchanged few questions about my flying machine, changed batteries in cameras, GPS and topped my fuel. After 45 min I was in the air again for my trip home 100 km away. I was glad to have my GPS, because I was flying in wrong direction, because my head compass (in my brain) flipped over again. It took me about 3 minutes to synch my head compass with the GPS. Very few bumps when crossing the peak reminded me that it is not over until it is over. The rest of the flight was more pleasant with sun off my face. The true flying time was 2:10 hr for 197 km. This is very good for cross country flying. My engine RPM went up now from 4300 to about 5100, but the fuel consumption is almost the same at about 10 L/h. This indicates that the wing is much more efficient and cuts better through the air. The wing is pleasant to fly in a still air, but heavy in bumps and manoeuvres. It does not like to be pushed around. It has direction control delay, which could cause serious over control to beginner when used to more responsive wing. My best behaving trike was Sabre 340. The wing was perfect and extremely pleasant to fly the first minute. I cannot say that about my Wizard, Streak and this GT5. These need time to like them and eventually love them.

159. Still Testing New Wing and Old is Sold, May 20, 2017

I moved the wing hang post about 1/8" back (see my previous video), as I determined during my last flight. This time the setting was perfect. I watched the videos from my previous flights, looking for the answer to why I had a hard time to take off: I was not pushing the control bar far enough before the lift off. I pushed it the same way as with the Wizard wing without even thinking about this step. This time my first and any other after take offs were as normal as they should be, with the bar a bit far forward. I am still too hot on landings and looking for that magic sweet spot on my speed indicator.

I had beautiful morning flight. When I came back, my Face book friend from Alberta and his wife were waiting for me to buy my trusty AirBorne Wizard wing. I had almost nostalgic feelings to let it go, because I had so much fun and memories under this wing. Hopefully, he will have as much fun as I had.

158. Short Flight NW Area of North Ridge with Rough Landing, May 18, 2017

I am still trying to fine tune my new Northwing GT5 wing. Moved the wing hang point another 3/8" forward and I felt that this is too much. I will back it up about 1.8".

It was sunny, warm, no wind and no scary clouds in the afternoon, just perfect day for flying. The scenery is always spectacular in Kamloops area. The ground is moving faster now with faster wing, so I don't have to increase the video speed. I flew over Frederick Rd, NE shore of Kamloops Lake and Mara Mount. The air was turbulent, but nothing to be afraid of. The windsock on my 09 approach showed very light head wind. I wanted to land as far East as possible to avoid long taxi to my hangar. The end of main runway is closed for nearby construction activities. I was flying about 20' above the runway when suddenly I ended up in very violent, gusty crosswind of at least 25 km/h. The video shows my struggle to stay on course and to make it safely down. I had to wait for proper position in my oscillation to drop it down. In that time I still did not know what happen until I saw the other windsock which was fully erected at 90 deg across the runway. The flying conditions changed almost instantly from very good to very dangerous. I was glad to be down, but had hard time to taxi in this strong cross wind. It is not easy to manage large wing in these conditions.

I could cause this air movement, because sometimes even bird can trigger the warm/cold air to move. Everything is in balance, until the warm air cannot stay still any more or something pushes the worm air into motion. Warm air above the runway suddenly rises up and it is replaced by cold air from the North Ridge, which flows horizontally from north.

157. Wing Test Flight, May 14, 2017

After I just finished previous flight (video #156), I moved the wing (hang glider) hang point 0.5" forward to increase the cruise speed to specified level between 88 and 105 km/h (55-65 MPH). My speed was 74 km/h (46 MPH). I test flew over the NW Ridge and I was very happy with 85 km/h (53 MPH) which is very close to its minimal cruise speed range. I will fly this way for at lease another hour and then move the hang point by another 0.25". So this is my plan for a near future. I have to find some GoPro attachment for my wing view; looking for some idea and solution.

I witnessed, and it is documented in this video, very interesting nature twist. Two days previously (video #155) I flew over the Tranquille Creek with very high water level. Normally this is just a wimpy creek. The creek looked to me totally dry this time while flying over at 9:11 am. This looked strange, because there was always some water, even in deep, hot and dry summer. Ten minutes after, on my way back (at 9:22 from picture time), the creek water was again spilled over its banks. How is this possible?

156. Flying to Cross Country to Walhachin Area, May 14, 2017

Started early morning to avoid any major turbulence. I had to scrape ice form my car window, which is very unusual for Kamloops. This was my second flight with new wing. Flew about 42 km west (straight line) by following the Kamloops Lake south shore to Tobiano, Savona and small village Walhachin. Tested various combinations of engine RPM and speed at level flight. My conclusion was that it flies too slowly, because the wing hang post is too far back. I eventually adjusted it before my next flight (video # 157). Flight was very pleasant, except that if was very difficult to take any decent picture or video on the way back. The sun was too low and directly into my cameras.

155. Testing my New Wing from North Wing, Quest GT5, May 12, 2017

It was long process since Dec 2016. I took advantage of the North Wing Christmas discount and ordered their latest model with high performance numbers, Quest GT5. It took 5 month to get it, because it had to be test flown by local dealer. He was in mercy of weather and other delays. Anyway, it is on my Airborne trike and this is the first video. So far I did not find any suitable bracket to mount a wing camera, so I used only control bar cameras.

I made 3 take off and landings and then I went for it. It was definitely different from anything I flew so far. During and after just one hour of flight I must say that it was a bit intimidating. This is not wing for beginners. Ease of handling, better control and experience in turbulence as book says... Not at all. I would say just opposite. I had to put much more hours on it, before I will fly some cross country. The video shows that there is no difference, or it feels worse while flying in turbulence in comparison with my previous Wizard wing. Only a time will show if I will master it. I am committed, because I spent fortune on it, so there is no turning back for me.

154. Following Campbell Creek Upstream to See Flooding, May 9, 2017

Flying over Kamloops downtown, east to Barnhartvale to see flood by Campbell Creek. Followed that creek upstream to junction of 5A and then north to Knutsford, Mount Dufferin and South Ridge. It was my last flight under Airborne Wizard wing, which performed flawlessly since 1998. It carried me more then 12,000 km over beautiful sceneries in many beautiful flights. It also carried me safely during those few terrifying, turbulent conditions. New wing will be on my next flight.

153. Flying by following South Ridge and North Ridge on Return, Apr 30, 2017

It started as very interesting day with some low clouds as a residue from the previous rainy day. This gave me an opportunity to fly over them while following South Ridge east. The wind was very low and predictable with only mild turbulence. I crossed the South Thompson River to North Ridge at about 40 km east of the airport and followed it back west to the airport. I saw several groups of wild horses high on the very steep slope. I wished I could fully concentrate on filming and picture taking, but my priority was to fly safely. I had powerful zoom camera, but it is impossible to use with just one hand. It was very good day and perhaps the last flight with and under this slow, but very enjoyable wing. Brand new and 50% faster wing, GT5 by North Wing, to be delivered this week.

152. Flying 30 km North from Kamloops Airport, Apr 25, 2017

I always wanted to fly straight north over the not very emergency-situation-friendly terrain. Finally I had enough confidence in my equipment to do it. It was almost continual uphill from 1200' to 7000', from 15C to -2C and snow covered terrain. The first half of the flight north was very beautiful, but the second portion was not very photogenic. Just forest and logging patches on rolling hills. It was interesting that I was flying north upwind. When I turned east to North Thompson river valley it was again upwind. As soon I turned down South in the valley the wind blew again against me and this continued all the way to airport, which was west of me.

151. Flying along the North Ridge to East of Kamloops, Apr 21, 2017

Two days before my flight, the weather forecast said that the wind will diminish from strong, gusty and from East to no wing at 10 am. I was ready at 9:30, waiting for the wind to get reasonable. Exactly, 10 am the wind stopped, slowly turned around 180 deg, but still below 10 km/h. Practically, no wind and the sun cooking, created very unstable thermal conditions. As I am used to it, I actually enjoyed some of those thermal bumps.

The Kamloops countryside is always spectacular, so no matter where I fly it looks interesting and beautiful. This flight was no exception. I saw many wild horses and I wished to be able to take proper picture of them. I use 35x zoom camera, but it is impossible to use it in flight while still in flight control. I only use a wide angle zoom and just estimate what I am taking picture of. There would be a lot of opportunities for a passenger-photographer.

150. Flying to Tobiano and North Ridge, Apr 14, 2017

It was an exceptional morning: warm, no wind and sunny. I decided to fly to Tobiano Golf course residential area. Several kilometres west of Tobiano I crossed Kamloops Lake to North Ridge and followed it back to the airport. It was pleasant flight with some turbulence north of the airport.

149. Flying to Mt Peter and Paul, North Ridge and River Sand Bars, Apr 3, 2017

I used 3 GoPro cameras, but strangely all quit as soon as I started. I eventually resurrected just the wing camera.

It was very turbulent flight, but the aerial view always compensate for any hardship I suffer.

148. Flying to Ajax, Knutsford and Kamloops Downtown, Feb 27, 2017

It was no wind, but just trace of sun. It felt cold at - 2C. I guess I am not use to it anymore. I used to fly down to -25C. I flew to and over the Ajax mine and then to check out flying club airstrip in Knutsford. It was still full of snow drifts, dangerous to land there. Flew north over downtown in more west track than usually. The video shows to complexness of Kamloops, which is located in very picturesque natural setting.

147. Flying over Kamloops Downtown and South Ridge, Feb 22, 2017

After missing several days of beautiful weather to fly, Feb 22, 2017 was the day. I finally received a water pump gasket to prevent the coolant leak. I replaced it, install all gadget, like three GoPro cameras, two GPS, Spot satellite tracker, radio. I was ready to enter that beautiful day again. It was so peaceful at the airport. Warm, sunny, snow almost gone and no wind. When I was strapping in, a commercial pilot called to inform us that there is very unsettled weather nearby, with rain and snow. I looked up and I saw those beautifully ugly clouds within about 10 km E, NW and W. I took off W and turn left following the sun and South Thompson River to Kamloops downtown, while continually watching those clouds. I new they signal nothing good. As the clouds were coming closer to the airport behind my back, I decided to turn back and stay closer to the airport just in case I have to go down. The flying was perfect in sunny and warm weather. I took some spectacular pictures of those scary clouds. I decided to go down and not to push my luck when I saw snow streaks near the airport. I landed, undressed all my gadgets. I dropped my GoPro Hero 3+ camera, when removing it from the wing bracket. I dropped it to the grass, as I thought, but eventually I found cracked lens. Here went $350. This was not very good culmination of my day.

I was doing some chores around the trike and in the hangar and enjoying the sunny and warm day. In about 2 hours, all hell broke suddenly. The wind was blowing abut 70-80 km from N, 90 deg crosswind. I had hard time to close my 4 panel, large hangar doors due to the wind blowing into them, while still sunny. Yes, that is typical Kamloops unpredictable weather. I experienced this almost instant and extreme wind blows in summer, but it was the first time in the winter. It was very warm at the airport, about 20C on the sunny side. About 5 km N the "ugly" cloud brought snow with temperature below 0C. When the air mass temperature equilibrium was interrupted, then the warm airport air started to rise and it was replaced by the cold air from the North Ridge. This is why that sudden extreme wind blowing from the north. I observed this 3 times already and now I know what to look for. Overall, it was good day.

146. How Trike (Motorized Hang Glider) Works, Feb 13, 2017

One of my YouTube subscribers asked me to make a video showing how the trike (motorized hang glider) works. I thought that this was a good idea. My video shows the basic principle of how this simple flying machine works. It is the easiest flying device learn to fly with just your hands and now pedals for steering. I never took any flying lessons and I learned to fly hang glider on my own in just couple hours ( From that I progressed to motorized hang gliders, which was very easy and natural process. No instruction or video to see how it supposed to work.

145. Flying Kamloops North Ridge, Mt Peter & Paul, Frederick, Feb 13, 2017

Finally, after so much of snow and cold weather we had a beautiful flying day. I flew NE of airport to Mt Peter & Paul then back west following the North Ridge. Flew over Mara Hill and then NE shore of Kamloops Lake over to Frederick village. It was really excellent day to fly, except that one camera battery quit and then wing camera gyroscope stabilizer quit too. I still have decent footage from my flight and many beautiful pictures too.

144. Few Minutes of Unpleasant Turbulence in Kamloops, Jan 22, 2017

This is just turbulence section from my flight and my video #143. It was kicking. It is very well captured with my camera mounted on 3 axes gyroscopic stabilizer. The horizon is stable, but I am bouncing. Check this out.

143. Winter Flying in Kamloops North Ridge, Mt Peter & Paul in Turbulent Air, Jan 22, 2017

The weather was almost the same as the previous day (, except of very strong and sometimes unpleasant turbulence. The wind was very light, but the air bounced me very often up and down. The worst place was between Mt Peter & Paul. I was pushed into downdraft and violent kicks. My radio acted again. Eventually I found that the camera gyro RC caused the radio interference.

 I am pleased with overall performance and especially video result of my 3 axes gyro stabilizer. It saves me several hours of video processing to get the similar result: "The horizon is fixed and aircraft is moving". Almost all aviation videos, even commercial, are from cameras fixed to the aircraft. This produces not natural effect: "Aircraft is fixed and horizon is moving." See my test video of fixed horizon here:

I was good, but not very relaxing day.

142. Winter Flying in Kamloops North Ridge, Jan 21, 2017

Finally temperature was above freezing after several weeks of unusually cold weather. Unfortunately, the sun was gone before I was ready. I received even several drops of rain, which was potentially not very good for my unsealed cameras.

I wanted to try my new remote control for the camera (GoPro 3+) gyroscopic stabilizer. The RC did not work properly and it created a lot of static in my radio. I had very poor communication with the tower due to the noise bursts. I eventually discovered the next day that it was not my radio, but the RC. It was decent flight over out beautiful country site.


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