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April 19, 2023

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323. The Last Flight of Decade, Low Level over Downtown and North Shore, Dec 31, 2020

Very good video from the low level flight over the Kamloops key areas, like University, Aberdeen and Sahali shopping. After flight over Mt Peter and Paul I went down over the center of North Shore and Brock. Kamloops is very interesting no matter of weather or season. This is not visually boring city or region. I wish the 3D effect could be reproduced in 2D video. The terrain looks flat from the air, but in fact it is very hilly with steep streets, which are fun to drive on in the winter (not).



322. Flying to Savona-Deadman Rd Area via North Ridge and Tobiano, Dec 27, 2020

Another decent day to fly, with temperature just hovering around freezing, but sunny west of the airport. This is what I selected to fly; following the sun. The mountain views of the N-W Ridge are spectacular. The snow and bare area create pencil like drawings with so much details filling every pixel. It was beautiful. I flew above many eagles on South Thompson River.


321. Flying to Harper Mt Ski Area by South Thompson River, Dec 27, 2020

It was beautiful, sunny day to fly over just 2 day old snow covered terrain. This valley is the most picturesque area in the Kamloops region. I spotted again two groups of wild horses, but I could not find them when I was editing this video.



320. Following Hwy 1 to Tobiano in Low Level Flight, Dec 12, 2020

Finally, we had good flying weather with temperature a touch above zero. I was following TransCanada hwy #1 to Tobiano. This very winding road is carved through very nice hills and valleys while passing through the upper Kamloops on the hill. This used to be the main highway, before high mountain Coquihalla highway was built as short cut connecting Kamloops to Vancouver. There are nice views of still green Tobiano golf and residential area. Of course, I could not resist to do a few almost ground level passes over the South Thompson River sandbars. This is only way to see underwater nature creations, which look like very complex 3D carvings.


319. What to Wear in Cold Weather, Nov 28, 2020

Several people posted on Facebook question about what to wear in winter while flying open aircraft. This short video shows what I wear and what works. I used to fly down to -25C (-13F), so I feel to be qualified to show what works.

318. Low level flight over Knutsford area and North Thompson River, Nov 28, 2020

I wanted to fly over 7 peaks south of the Campbell Creek. Unfortunately, very low cloud ceiling forced me to turn around and look for some better conditions. I flew north up to McLure, very low to get better view of my surroundings. Weather was excellent and flight very enjoyable. The video looks very good and I hope that at least people living in those areas would like it. Just after take of I felt me knees getting cold and realized that I forgot to put on my snowmobile (winter) pants. I flew 1.5 hours and I was a bit stiff, but not too bad. This trike is reasonably “warm”. I flew 1.5 hours at average ground speed of 121 km/h. That’s very good!



317. Flying to Sun Peaks to Check the Ski Season Opening Day, Nov 21, 2020

Sun Peaks Resort is the second largest ski resort in Canada. It is perfect playground for every person looking for year round fun. Sometimes it could get tricky to fly there, because the weather and especially cloud cover could change very quickly. This time I was lucky with perfect wintery weather. The radio communication with Kamloops control tower was vey busy with all other airplanes flying from and to all directions. Nobody wanted to waste the exceptional weather. The trip was uneventful, but of course spectacular, because it is Kamloops area, which is super spectacular, no matter where you look.

Sun Peaks from the top look like true Christmas Paradise even so it is another month till Christmas. I took good fly over and around for good video and picture taking views. I flew again very low over the airport area sandbars, to see the latest nature creations.



316. Flying above Kamloops Rivers, Nov 19, 2020

It was another beautiful day to go exploring the Kamloops nature from the above. I followed North and South Thompson Rivers, Kamloops downtown and of course I had to check the ever changing river sand bars. Flying low is the only way to see the underwater highly sculptures sand bars. If you want to see something which you most likely never have seen before, then watch this video and listen the background relaxing music.


315. Flying in Quickly Changing Clouds Ceiling, Nov 10, 2020

We received real winter like snow, but sun started to peek through the clouds. I have to clear snow to get to the runway first, while blue sky was quickly shrinking. Traces of sun were replaced with white clouds pushing downwards and squeezing me out like a tooth paste. I was forced to turn around to just legal limit to avoid those clouds. I still have good video from around the downtown.


314. Very Few People have Seen Kamloops Beauty from This Angle, Nov 6, 2020

I changed editing concept in this video and I think I will stick with it. I am using 4 GoPro cameras, which run continually. Previously I cut views in 5 sec clips, while cuts were synchronized with the music beat. My intent was to show all views, front, both sides and pilots view. Now, I run the front camera with full 170 deg horizontal view at 2x speed with minimum cuts. I use the other cameras views only in turns, because the front view does not look good because of the panning effect and horizon tilt.

The weather was exceptional with perfect Alberta blue sky and crisp, cold air at just +3C. It was a bit warmer up in the air at 6C. This video shows the spectacular Kamloops nature beauty and glacier beautiful terrain carving formations. Watch the video on large screen of TV to see all those details. The GoPro cameras (Hero 7 in my case) are so good these days that the results are incredible.

It would be nice if you leave me your comment, and tell me what you think about my video editing change.

Note: I have LG TV with 3D feature (3D glasses). I tried to turn TV on 3D and the view was amazing. I was very, very impressed. How is it done, to convert it instantly into fake 3D, without 3D cameras?


313. Glory, Optical Effect, During my Flight, Oct 31, 2020

Wikipedia: A glory is an optical phenomenon, resembling an iconic saint's halo around the shadow of the observer's head, caused by sunlight or (more rarely) moonlight interacting with the tiny water droplets that compose mist or clouds. The glory consists of one or more concentric, successively dimmer rings, each of which is red on the outside and bluish towards the centre. Due to its appearance, the phenomenon is sometimes mistaken for a circular rainbow, but the latter has a much larger diameter and is caused by different physical processes.

Glories arise due to wave interference of light internally refracted within small droplets.


312. Beautiful Flight along North and South Ridges, Oct 20, 2020.

After unexpected cold snap down to -11C, it was another beautiful day for flying. It is still pleasant to fly at +6C temperature and especially in my “warm” Apollo trike. The Apollo cockpit is very well designed to protect me from the element. It is big difference when compared with my previous AirBorne “cold” trike.

I followed North Ridge west, crossed Kamloops Lake south to Tobiano, then east to chase some clouds, north to downtown and Mt Peter and Paul. Finally, I turned west to Bachelor Heights to follow construction corridor of government Trans Mountain Expansion Project.


311. Flying with Spectacular Kamloops Clouds, Oct 20, 2020.

Late morning with -3C temperature and many different layers of clouds were too inviting to ignore. It was one of the most spectacular flights for me. I am so lucky to have almost 360 deg no obscured view from my trike so see that vast area beauty. I have never seen this type of clouds at the second cloud layer. You cannot see that from the ground, I felt like to jump into them and have some serious fun there. It was very good flight.


310. Flying to Tobiano and Mt Savona in the Best Scenery Ever, Oct 14, 2020.

It was one of my best flights ever. If you want to watch this video then do yourself favor and watch it on a large monitor or at least on a tablet. The phone screen is too small to really appreciate our natural beauty in Kamloops area.

All my cameras worked perfectly and the sun and clouds were in right places to capture the nature at its best. I was a bit sidetracked to check potential forest fire on western horizon. I made low passes over the edge of Mt Savona Provincial Park with spectacular rocky cliffs and top covered with the first autumn snow. You can see very, very long train snaking along the edge of Kamloops Lake and steep cliffs of the South Ridge. I also tested my new bar mitts, with temperature just 2C and my fingers were not frozen like with the original mitts which I shredded in the prop (see video: 306. This is how I Ruined my Flying Days, Aug 2, 2020.)


309. Flying above Clouds to Ajax Mine and Tobiano, Oct 11, 2020.

Chilly morning at 3C, but sunny day brought smile to my face. I could fly and enjoy to Covid free time above Kamloops area beautiful nature. It was big contrast between the early summer green fields and slopes and current brown surfaces. It was still beautiful. Unfortunately, my front camera failed to record, so I don’t have any full nature views.


308. My First flight after 2 Month Wait for New Prop Blade, Oct 6, 2020.

This was my first flight after the August unfortunate mistake (see Video # 306), which ruined 2 months of my flying days. I also changed this time the prop pitch from 9 to10 degrees. I set it correctly on the ground (when I bought this trike) to prevent potential engine over revving, but I found that in flight it would run about 500 extra RMP. My cruise speed now increased about 5 kn (10 km/h) at 5000 RPM, but I have to push the throttle harder. I think my fuel consumption will go up. I will see the next time during at least one hour flight.

It was short, just local flight, because the sky was still very smoky from the West coast USA fires.

307. Dean with his New Rev X Trike, Aug 15, 2020.

I came to see in real life the famous USA built trike Rev X, and meet its owner Dean Wichmann. It is very nice toy. Jade Waterhouse demonstrated his new 1974 Bellanka in very nice paint job. It was beautiful day at the Knutsford airstrip


306. This is how I Ruined my Flying Days, Aug 2, 2020.

It was ideal weather for flying, but I wished I stayed at home. Just a few seconds after take off I felt like a wing cable broke off. Engine started to vibrate. Landed immediately and taxied back to my hangar where I saw what happened. One bar mitts was on the ground. I removed my winter bar mitts, because it was already 25C and put them on my rear seat bag. The mitts are very florescent bright, so they are difficult to miss, but I did. I forgot them behind my back.

I checked for damage and there was just about ¼” of prop blade edge protection tape slightly damage. Checked the prop pitch values and the affected pitch was 1 deg off. I figured I got off very easy this time. I set up the pitch, started the engine and the vibration was the same. Now what? Hopefully it is not the engine. Eventually I found that the blade was cracked just on the edge of the blade hub. I was very lucky to be above the runway when this happened.

305. Pritchard to Kamloops Full Screen Aerial View, July 28, 2020.

This is just section from flight as per video # 303. It is unedited, full screen view from just front camera. The best is to watch it on large screen or TV to appreciate the natural beauty of that region in Kamloops area.



304. Sun Peaks Full Screen Aerial View, July 28, 2020.

This is just section from flight as per video # 303. It is unedited, full screen view of Sun Peaks, second largest ski resort in Canada. The best is to watch it on large screen or TV to appreciate the natural beauty of that region


303. Flying to Sun Peaks and Chase Village, July 28, 2020.

My first really warm flying, because it was already 19C at 7 am. It was even 19 C at 2334 m (7625’). The sky was very hazy which looked even worse while flying against the raising sun. I made several passes over the Sun Peaks ski area which is the 2nd largest ski resort in Canada. Sun Peaks is just 40 min driving from our house. This is real winter (summer too) paradise where I can snowboard whole day and be all the time on different slope. This is not boring place. I then turned SE towards Chase village with beautiful lake called Little Shuswap Lake. I followed South Thompson River from Chase back to Kamloops Airport. This is one of the best and very spectacular valley and especially about half way to Kamloops.


302. Flying Savona, Tunkwa Lake, Face Lake, Chuwhels Mt, Knutsford, July 20, 2020.

This was my 3rd attempt to do the above loop. Finally sky was clear and conditions just right. It was very pleasant and relaxing trip. I am just showing snippets from this 136 km long flight, over very spectacular countryside. The terrain is very divers and complex. It is always pleasure to look around from the eagle perspective.


301. Flying to Barriere BC and Back over North Thompson River, July 17, 2020.

155 km long trip to small town Barriere about 60 km north of Kamloops. I flew first over North Ridge to join the North Thompson River valley. It is relatively safe way to fly as there are many meadows and fields for forced landings. The worst part is just south of the Barriere which goes through narrow valley with steep slopes on both sides. I could see that “new” islands are already appearing in the river while water level is going down after the annual river flooding.

Pictures 1, Pictures 2

300. Flying to Harper Ranch via Cold Creek with some Clouds to Enjoy, July 13, 2020.

I was anxious to try my new drag chute camera. I tried it the previous day, but the view angle was disappointing. I made new camera bracket which did its work. I was also anxious, because potential negative effect on flying characteristic. The camera is attached to “badminton style” basket and pulled on string attached to one side of the wing. This causes unsymmetrical directional force, resulting, as one pilot described, difficult to control in straight direction. I did not find any problems.

My plan was to fly to Sun Peaks, but I found that they were totally in clouds. I turned SE before Mt Lolo to stay clear of that cloud cover. I still had some fluffs to enjoy their company. I have very good video of Kamloops beautiful nature.


299. Flying to Kamloops Downtown, Knutsford and Dew Point Areas. Heavy Turbulence, July 12, 2020.

Typical Kamloops weather, which is unpredictable. Originally I had different plan to fly, but unpleasant turbulence change it. It started as beautiful calm morning, but as soon as I crossed the North Thompson River, the turbulence started to harass me. It was getting progressively worse close I was towards Knutsford. Finally I had enough of it and decided to fly back south of the airport. It was very bumpy. Surprisingly, it became again very calm  so I continue towards North Ridge. I explored Dew Drop hills tops. This is very popular hiking area, so I am giving people to see it from different angle and perspective. It was very good day.


298. Checking Flooded South Thompson River in Kamloops, July 5, 2020.

I flew about 1500’ feel above ground to see the effect to the river flood. I started about 6 km east of Kamloops flying west to airport. North Thompson River was much calmer then a day before. I could not see any debris floating from the north, but the water was still very muddy. This contrasted in the rivers confluence where brown water from the north mixes with the South Thomson River, which is very clear.

Pictures 1, Pictures 2

297. Flying to Tobiano, Savona and Tunkwa Lake with Nice Clouds, July 5, 2020.

Beautiful day to be in the open air. It was still on colder side at 11 to 12C around 8 am, but sky was blue and eventually I met some fluffy clouds to enjoy. I had to change my original plan due to heavy and very intimidating cloud in front of me. It was very peaceful flight.

Pictures 1, Pictures 2

296. Flying to Savona in Turbulent and Hazy Air, July 3, 2020.

My original plan was to fly triangular cross-country, but the poor flying conditions changed my plan. I completed just one side of the triangle and decided to fly back. It started as beautiful and sunny morning, but the sky changed to overcast and very hazy before I got ready. I expected no turbulence, because thermal changes were very small. I was wrong. My trip turned few times and instantly from peaceful to nasty rides. I cut it short, because I did not want to push my luck.

I have still very good video with very good background music which will lift your feet in its rhythm.


295. Flying across Nicola Valley to Douglas Lake, June 18, 2020.

170 km (106 mi) flight over beautiful area of rolling hills, deep valleys, many lakes and exceptionally green terrain. It is interesting how green it was. We are living in very dry climate, where everything is normally brown, except spring and early summer. It is amazing how the nature is rushing though its life to push itself to display all its beauty in very short period. My goal was to check the Douglas Lake area which was many times in local media displaying fight among local anglers and the owners of Douglas Lake Ranch. This small paradise on Earth is owned by American multibillionaire Stan Kroenke, who also owns the Denver Nuggets of the NBA, Los Angeles Rams of the NFL and the Colorado Avalanche of the NHL, among other sports enterprises.


294. South Thompson River Flooding Part 2 of 2, June 3, 2020.

This is unedited and complete aerial view from front camera only. It starts at 17 km east of Kamloops and ends at Kamloops Lake delta.


293. North Thompson River Flooding Part 1 of 2, June 3, 2020.

This is unedited and complete aerial view from front camera only. It starts at 28 km north of Kamloops and ends by rivers junction in downtown Kamloops.


292. Survey of North and South Thompson River Flooding, June 3, 2020.

Both Kamloops rivers are very ripe to cause some serious damage from their floods. Low laying areas are already submerged and the water is slowly creeping into Riverside Park. I flew straight north about 15 km and then flew above North Thompson River to downtown. Then I turned east and at 15 km I started my flight west above South Thompson River. The countryside is even more beautiful now when everything is green with many patched of yellow flowers. I notice that I left the neck camera on the back seat. It was major decision to land or to retrieve it in flight. I did it in flight.


291. Fun with Clouds in Nicola Valley, May 27, 2020.

Beautiful flight, of Kamloops, over green meadows, fields, hills and lakes. This area is always challenging for me to fly, because the conditions are very often unpredictable and changing quickly. It started with no wind, but turbulent, bumpy ride, eventually smooth and relaxing when flying over the clouds by Stump Lake. I almost wanted to jump into those fluffs, which reminded me my childhood dreams to do something like that.

Spectacular Kamloops downtown rivers junction valley displayed all its beauty and the complexness of that nature creation. I finally checked the Tranquille Farm are flood situation. It was perfect flight 90 min long and recorded by 4 cameras. I found very jumpy music as a background, to highlight my flying mood during that flight.


290. Flying along North Ridge and Flooded Tranquille Farm, May 24, 2020.

I had totally different plan where to fly, but sudden and unexpected turbulence put dumper into my expectation. It started peacefully when flying east until I crossed the North Thompson River. It became unpleasant and especially to deal with the anticipation what would come next. Would it stay at lease the same of even worse? Eventually I decided to turn back without pushing my luck. Once I crossed that river again, everything stopped. It became enjoyable flight again. This is typical challenge of flying in Kamloops. I never know what will happen during my flight as far as weather is concern.


289. Flying to Knutsford, Ajax and Flooded Tranquille Farm, May 19, 2020.

I decided that it is just about time to land on our grassy landing strip in Knutsford. I was very hesitant to do it, because the terrain is very bumpy and landing is up or downhill. This is very fast trike with landing speed of 90 km/h. I could land in much worse areas in the case of emergency, but this was not emergency and I didn’t want to create one.


Regardless, I did it and I was glad. I met there another trike pilot from Kamloops. It looks like we could do some flying together. See my previous video # 288.  I spent there just few minutes, because I was anxious to fly back. The heat turbulence and upper winds were getting more unpleasant then I liked.

I flew over the AJAX gold mine which polarized Kamloopsiens  into two groups: People who need money (jobs) and people who want to preserve Kamloops beautiful nature. Final place was to check the flood situation by river delta with Kamloops Lake at Tranquille Farm. This area is always the first one to end up under water. Kamloops is expecting major flood this year and we are on its way to go there and ahead of regular schedule.


288. My Trike in the Air, May 19, 2020.

When circling our flying club airstrip, I noticed another trike on the ground. I could not believe it. So far I was here just lonely ultralight flyer. That’s very good. New member who kindly took the pictures and video. I have tons of pictures and videos, but nothing of me from ground up. I was really impressed how fast this trike really is. It does not feel too fast when flying it.


287. Flight from Kamloops to Brigade Lake, May 14, 2020.

A day before I explored very beautiful Knutsford area on my motorcycle. I decided to check it out also from the above too. I was not disappointed. No matted what you do, you cannot find boring areas around Kamloops. Then I flew a bit North above North Thompson River to check the developing flood area. City of Kamloops is getting ready for the big one. Almost all the river beaches are under water and my popular sand bars are all gone too. I flew over the Tranquille farm, which has significant section of land already under water.


286. Flight from Merritt to Kamloops, May 8, 2020.

This is return trip of my previous video # 285. While I was cruising up to 145 km/h flying to Merritt, I could not reach even 100 km/h of ground speed when flying back. I took direction of the famous “Coquihalla Highway to Hell”. This section of highway is featured on continual TV reality serial about heavy rescues from serious crashed during quickly changing weather conditions there. My flight was also not too peaceful, because of large clear cut forest areas, with light brown color.

Those “patches” are much warmer then surrounding green forests, creating serious turbulence. It was bumpy and occasionally unpleasant.


285. Flight from Kamloops to Merritt BC, May 8, 2020.

It was very nice flight in one of those times which don’t happen very often. Warm day with blue sky and no wind. I decided to fly to Merritt following one of the most scenic roads in the Kamloops region, Nicola Valley around hwy 5A. I saw flooded road by Stump Lake, flooded area by Quilchena  and Merritt. The beginning of the flight was turbulent air between the Kamloops and Nicola Valley with constant evaluation whether to continue or turn back, but then it was almost too good to wasted it. It was perfect and very enjoyable flight to Merritt airport. This video shows the first leg of my 190 km round trip flight.


284. Flight from Kamloops to Cache Creek, May 1, 2020.

Beautiful, early morning, 140 km long flight through Thompson River valley to Cache Creek village. I went to check the flooded area there, but it did not look too bad.


283. Flight from Buse Hill to Kamloops, Uncut Version. Apr 19, 2020.

It is always the most difficult and time consuming process to edit my flying videos into short version for human consumption. The problem is that Kamloops area is one of the most beautiful parts of the world, with very diverse and complex countryside. There are no boring sections around which to cut off. Majority of people would take just 20 seconds of their precious time. I bring home 3 to 4 hours of video from my one hour flight. My target is about 3 minutes of final video, but it is not almost possible.

I also learn with my #273 video, that there are people with interest in nature and beauty presented to them in very rare and unique views which few people could experience. That video is my most popular flying video so far and it is long. The new GoPro camera technology (Hero 7) solved the most annoying problems of vibration and jello effect. Hero 7 camera has perfect stabilization producing spectacular HD and wide angle videos. One of my cameras is mounted on the front of the trike showing nothing but the beauty as I fly through it. That technology also allows me to speed up this video 2.5 to 3x so more information is presented in shorter time. Aerial videos are not easy to produce, because the perception of speed is diminishing with the elevation above the ground. Basically, it looks more boring higher I fly.

I am showing in this video flight in west direction, when the sun was behind or on my left side, exactly what I needed for good exposure. Sky was fully seeded with fluffy clouds casting spotty shadows over the hills and valleys. You could see there some spectacular views from about 1000’ above ground. You could appreciate the complexity of the terrain when you look around the screen. It was very good flight.


282. Flight to Buse Hill, Apr 19, 2020.

It was beautiful day to fly over Kamloops spectacular nature areas. I followed the North side of South Thompson River eastwards over deeply scarred terrain by the ancient ice movement. Then I turned south towards Buse Lake and Buse Hill. It is small wonder of the nature. Sky was fully seeded with fluffy clouds casting spotty shadows over the hills and valleys. It was very good flight.


281. How to Set up SPOT to be Ready in Emergency with only the Last Track.

1. The company lost the original intent of SPOT, which is to call for help and find where you are. It is not to keep tracks of your trips, because GPS is far better for this purpose. 2. It uses confusing name Asset instead Device. It is device and it is very clear what device means. Asset will not make it better, just confusion. I thought that asset was set of points until SPOT agent told me that it is device. 3. Delete button and date filter were removed form the main screen. It is totally illogical to burry it deep in menus. I would never find it there without Company help. There is no manual or tutorial. 4. Current delete button, if lucky to find it, deletes everything. The date filter should be put back. 5. “Check in” button brings out tons of useless info and takes you to a useless place. I use SPOT for flying, the same like many other people I know. We all agree that the latest update is very bad and impossible to use. Many people are talking to switch to other devices. We are all 65 to 85 years old and many of my colleagues are scared of computers. The message delivers frightening presentation and especially when received on phone. The fonts are microscopic and impossible to read. Your default link arrives as a text of 3 lines with unreadable micro text. Did you try to select your 3 line link on phone and the paste it to address bar? 6. I and majority of my fellow pilots use the SPOT 7. I go flying, have to do some work there, waiting for weather until the good time to go. Before take off I press Check in. My message is sent to my wife to start to look after me just in case something goes wrong. She is not very computer skilled, but she is above average computer user. There is no way she could navigate though SPOT presented info which is buried somewhere in weird named menus. She is somewhere out and see the info only on the phone. She cannot see anything because it is unusable on the phone. She needs to see whole map and only map showing the current flight points and preferably with the last known point flashing. The actual coordinates could be read by clicking the point. After landing I press OK again to let her know I made it safely. 8. I found that is the perfect. This link or some other to produce the same result is needed. It is very clear and it should be always default. Everything else to be optional. Currently you get tons of info but the most important substance must be painfully discovered. 9. What is alert and what is its purpose? Check in, Help, SOS… are already alerts. Why do we need duplication? 10. The logging button within the map is also messed up. First, it says log out, but it means both. To log in it suggests my email, which is not my ID. As soon as I start type in first character then Password changes to Manage. I have to enter password first and then user ID. That’s amateurish!

280. Kamloops from 10,000’ above Airport, Apr 9, 2020

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to fly just around the airport without my usual exploration flights. I could return safely back to airport without the engine power. To make it more interesting I set a goal to go up to 10,000’ (3 048m) above airport. I made it to 11,600’ (3 536m) above sea level. Obviously, higher up above ground the perception of speed disappears. You feel like suspended motionless in the air with spectacular 360 deg view. It was very pleasant feeling. My views are especially special, because I am not looking through glass or through small windows. There is nothing between me and the environment. The ground temperature was 12C (54 F) and 3C (37 F) on the top, which is very good. No more frozen fingers.


279. Short Flight with Fuel Problem, Apr 6, 2020

I originally promised that I will not fly during the Covid-19 pandemic. I did not want to push my luck. I knew that there would be very limited medical help just in case I would need it, plus very high potential to get infected by that virus. It would be certainly fatal in my age.

Lately, we finally have very beautiful days, ideal for flying. I could not take it anymore. I decided to fly only at gliding distance from the airport to mitigate any dangers. I could make it back safely with dead engine. My goal today was to show how this areal looks from 10,000’ above ground. I wanted to spiral in very wide oval into 12,000’ and then idle down back to airport. It was very ironic, because just half way up, at 5,700’ I noticed low fuel pressure. I was not very trilled about it. I looked that my flying will be over, plus the find what the problem is. I turn on an auxiliary fuel pump which increased the fuel pressure, but it was still not normal. Lowered RPM, pump on/off, RPM up… nothing worked, while trike engine did not complain a bit. I called tower with my changed plan due to low fuel pressure. I was asked if I need emergency stand-by, like fire truck and ambulance. I was fine with just bid inconvenience. Eventually I found that it was fuel filter. I never ever had any fuel pressure gauge in my previous trikes and ultralight and I never had any fuel problem. It is a bid disappointing with this trike, because it has only 80 hours total. I think I would be really stressed to be far away from the airport.


278. Unnoticed Flock of Geese in my Landing Area, March 20, 2020

I noticed a shadow from a bird flying overhead just before a touch down.  I never notice any birds (usually geese), so that shadow surprised me. After reviewing the videos from the on board cameras, I saw around 50 Canadian Geese in area where I was touching down. Any collision with those big birds could potentially create serious damage to any aircraft.


277. Kamloops to Cache Creek Area, March 20, 2020

Really spring weather with 6 to 8C, but of course, that take off and landing turbulence again on sun heated concrete runway. The turbulence was discouraging, but eventually it was very nice flight. It was also first flight after many months without frozen fingers. This area west of the Kamloops is again very beautiful and unique in its character. Thompson Rive did very good job forming that interesting landscape. During the flight I noticed that my front camera was about 5 deg of horizon. This was disappointing, but I could do nothing about it. I will do this valley again in the late Spring and make unedited video to show it how it is.


276. Kamloops to Campbell Rd Valley, March 17, 2020

The weather looked perfect, with blue sky, warm air, but still cold in shadows. There must be turbulence. I was not “disappointed”. It started to kick me up and down right out of deck. Turbulence was just short live and it was very peaceful flight the next 40 minutes. I went to 6,500’ to 7,500’ where the air was smooth. I received another few kicks just north of airport on the way back.

I was not looking forward for my landing. I experienced very similar conditions during my previous flight and it was nasty just few feet above the runway. I expected the same this time, and it came. The air was very still with wind sock pointing down, which was bad sign. The air will not be agitated. The warm and cold air blocks were side by side waiting for something to disturb their temporary equilibrium. Sometimes just a bird flying through could cause the major air movement. I was that bird. I started dancing above runway. I could feel on my face blasts of warm air from left and right blowing under my helmet face shield. I increased my landing speed and I was hoping for the best. The actual touch down was very good, but I was going up and down just few feet above the asphalt.

Again, it was very relaxing flight. This was my social isolation from COVID-19 virus epidemic emergency but mainly from all that bad and depressing news.


275. Nothing but Turbulence, March 9, 2020

Two minutes of turbulent flying. It shows unusual, not perfect, but very well recovered landing: Push rather then pull after first bounce.


274. Short, but Turbulent Flight in Noon Heating. March 9, 2020

It was one of those rare days with blue sky, no wind, warm, but still cold in shade (-2C).  I knew that it will be bumpy without any wind to agitate the cold and warm air. I was surprised that the turbulence started right during the take off. I was considering to go home during the next 5 min. Eventually, it smoothed out, at least for a while. I climbed up to 6,500’ looking for good flying conditions. I had several more kicks during my flight above this beautiful terrain.

I was not looking forward to landing, because of hot runway right beside cold river and warm beaches. This is never too good here in Kamloops. Yes, it happened. I was bounced up, down and sideways. I had interesting landing when I was pushed down from 3’ above the runway. I think, I reacted well with very good second touch down. I cut my flight short, because I did not want to push my luck (and skills).


273. Low Level Flying by North Ridge. Long Version from just Front Camera, March 1, 2020

This is very little edited version of the previous video # 272. I used just front camera video running 2x faster. The perceived flying speed is between 200 and 250 km/h above fascinating and very complex terrain. I did it to show the real Kamloops beauty while listening to relaxing music. My very talented high school friend, Alma Mares, allowed me to use her instrumental music. If you like the music then you can contact Alma on Facebook (Mood Music Alma Mares) for more info or buy her music on CD. I noticed that my YouTube videos are running at low resolution (360) on Facebook. The best is to click Pause after video runs and in upper RH corner click Setting icon. Change the setting to 1080. My videos should look perfect and far as picture quality is concern even on very large monitor (mine is 32”). Low resolution video has very blotchy and annoying background.

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272. Low Level Flying by North Ridge, March 1, 2020

Favourable flying conditions allowed me to fly much closer then lately to the ground, so I could show the full range of the Kamloops beauty. The area east of the North Thompson River is especially beautiful and interesting. The high plateau between South Thompson River and North Ridge is deeply scarred into various patterns. It is interesting to see from birds view and from ground up too. On my flight back I passed airport west to Tranquille area. This is my popular place for hiking. I flew over and around Mara Mt to show big slabs of rocks on its south side. Then I followed Frederick Rd valley, Battle Bluff Hill, down to South Thompson River delta with my favourite sand bars. The ever changing underwater sand bars forms beautiful 3D pattern, where you could spot all kind of lookalikes, similarly to heavy clouds. It was excellent, 138 km long trip.

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271. Squadron of Vernon RV Homebuilts Visiting Kamloops Flying Club

It was unusual sight in the sky and on the ground to see and hear five, high performance RV homebuilts. They joined our Kamloops Flying Club for regular Tuesday coffee and donuts social gathering and pilot talk.


270. Good Flight to Harper Mountain and River Valley, Feb 24, 2020

I was planning to fly to Sun Peaks ski resort, but my fingers gave up about half way when temperature dropped from +3C to -5C. I changed my direction towards smaller ski area, Harper Mountain. It was very pleasant flight in beautiful natural surroundings.


269. Flying Kamloops, Showing Just Turbulence Section, Feb 15, 2020

This video, version 2, is edited so that only sections with turbulence are shown.

It looked like peaceful day for flying, but the reality was just opposite. As soon as I crossed North Thompson River, while flying east, the air bumps and kicks started to chase me. The turbulence was getting worse with every km of distance from the airport. Eventually, I had enough to fight it so I turned around back west towards the airport. It was getting worse before it calmed down. After just about 40 minutes I landed, because I did not know how it would shape out. I did not want to push mu luck.


268. Flying Turbulent Kamloops North Ridge, Feb 15, 2020

It looked like peaceful day for flying, but the reality was just opposite. As soon as I crossed North Thompson River, while flying east, the air bumps and kicks started to chase me. The turbulence was getting worse with every km of distance from the airport. Eventually, I had enough to fight it so I turned around back west towards the airport. It was getting worse before it calmed down. After just about 40 minutes I landed, because I did not know how it would shape out. I did not want to push mu luck.

I was also testing another GoPro Hero 7 Black (3rd one), but the result was extremely disappointing. The stabilization did not work for some unexplained reason. The footage was practically useless and much worse then from my previous Hero 3 camera. Hero 8/B has Super stabilization, but it was horrendous in this case.


267. Flying to Savona and Downtown Kamloops, Jan 27, 2020

It was beautiful, spring-like day, but flying conditions were not too relaxing. I encountered a lot of turbulence. I tried different altitudes, over water, terrain with and without snow, but no luck. It really built a lot of anxiety when not knowing if this is how it will be or is it just warm up for the big one. I was already in several serious turbulences before, so I am not looking forward to experience it again. Eventually the air was much friendlier over the downtown to pleasure me down. Overall, it was good flight.


266. Kamloops from the above Clouds, Jan 22, 2020

The morning started very promising with sun, +5C, but forecast called for windy day. I waited till about 10 am, but there was no wind. I took my chances and I did not regret it. It was one of my most relaxing and beautiful flight. I was planning to cross Kamloops downtown and then south towards Knutsford. While closing towards downtown, I saw that there is no way for me to squeeze between the upper Kamloops and the cloud base. The area in front of me was totally in heavy clouds. I turned around west, where I could see some sun and traces of blue sky. It turned out as very beautiful day with all river and other valleys filled to the brim with clouds, but blue sky, +2C and practically no turbulence. My GPS was showing ground speed between 85 and 155 km/h, so there was significant wind aloft, but of course, I could not feel anything and even visually, it all looked stationary. It was dreamlike and spectacular day. I almost wanted to jump into those clouds and fulfill my childhood dream. The relaxation aspect of this flight is enhanced be music to turn viewers in the same mood.


265. Kamloops Winter Beauty from the Air, Jan 9, 2020

Kamloops terrain is very diverse, complex and beautiful. It is even more noticeable in snowy winter. All that beauty just pops up due to the contrast between white and every other color.

It was very good flight, but my fingers were getting numb which determined the flight duration. It is not easy to take pictures and fiddle in knobs in heavy gloves.



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