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January 23, 2024

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264. How Wing Trim Works in Flight, Dec 27, 2019

Short video clips from my last flight showing sections when I used the wing speed trim. It shows how the pivot point is moving in flight. You might need to run it several times to see the detail. Watch first time to its end where you will see it in slow motion.

263. Christmas Flying in Kamloops, Dec 27, 2019

Still cloudy airport area, but blue sky pushed through in many places. While there was no snow on the ground around airport area, the ground was well covered all around us. It was beautiful flight between, under and above clouds under sunny and very blue sky. This area looks (is) so beautiful that it is beyond any description. I am lucky to have this opportunity to see it from the above.


262. Flying to South Area of Kamloops, Dec 8, 2019

Nice flight to south area of Kamloops: Knutsford, Ajax and Afton mines and fields and hills all around. I bit turbulent air and up to 40 km/h head wind aloft.


261. Flying above Kamloops Clouds, Dec 3, 2019

It was almost beautiful day, but heavy clouds were hanging in the Kamloops area valleys. I squeezed between North Ridge crest and clouds into blue sky and warmer temperature. It was very pleasant flight but also surprisingly 40 km/h wind aloft while no wind at the airport. The lightly covered ground with snow makes everything more interesting to look at. The snow and dark ground create very contrasting lines and ridges which are well captured by my cameras.


260. Short Experimental Flight Backward, Nov 25, 2019

In my previous video, # 259, I was showing possibilities to kick back the Rotax 912 engine to run in reverse. Reverse running engine also produces backward force, because the prop is running in reverse. This is not very efficient way due to the prop leading and thicker edge now becoming trailing edge.

Here is about 2 min video showing my experiment, where I demonstrate that it could fly in reverse. I am some-what luckier than many other trike owners, because my wing is tight like drum and there is not a single wrinkle and flutter. This makes it easier and less risky.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think.

259. Beautiful Day, but Unpleasant Turbulence, Nov 24, 2019

It looks like one of the last days of flying in above freezing temperature. It was beautiful day, with no ground wind, but 30 km/h wind just 2,000' above ground. Several times I was surprised with strong blast of air from nowhere and from ever changing direction. Eventually it became more peaceful at about 6000'. It was nice flight in this nature jewel all around us.

I was always thinking how to "drive" my trike from hangar, without heavy lifting and pushing it. This is problem now for my steel shoulder after the last year motorcycle accident.

Finally, I figured it out. I was inspired by my first "car" in 1967, three wheeler converted motorcycle, named Velorex. It was originally made for handicap people in communist Czechoslovakia. It was two-seater, 350 ccm, two stroke, two cylinder motorcycle engine, with max speed about 100 km/h (60 mph). It had very brilliant system to kick the engine in reverse so you could go backward, without getting out and push it back. Actually you could drive in full speed and use all 4 gears backward.

I tried the same idea with my Rotax 912 and it works. You could see it in my video. The problem is solved now. I don't want to brag, but I am very proud of myself. I am surprised that nobody else used this idea yet.


258. Flying over North Thompson River Valley, Nov 20, 2019

Finally, it was good flying day. I installed all my GoPro cameras, external batteries, GPS, Spot and another stuff, getting ready for beautiful weather waiting for me. I could not start it. The battery had not enough power to start 80 hp engine after below freezing overnight temperature. I knew already that there is not much life left in it. I move the trike back to hangar and uninstalled all the stuff again. Drove to downtown to buy battery and replace it, which is not easy in this trike. I was ready to go again after about 90 minutes.

It was very pleasant flight with warm sun on my back, with 5C down to 1C and back to 5C (41F - 34F - 41F). The sun was very close to horizon, which was not enjoyable result to shine into my face through two layers of Plexiglas (windshield and helmet). It was very good 90 min flight.


257. Seven Years of Trike Flying in Kamloops in 2.5 Minutes

I took 30 random selected clips from my 7 years flying in Kamloops. I have 1663 video clips saved. I cut first 5 minutes out and then used the next 5 sec from each selection. The clips are not chronological, but in random order as these numbers were generated (in Excel).


256. Flying with Clouds to Chase via Paul Lake, Nov 3, 2019

I was one of my best flight without any nasty surprises. Almost 2 hour flight took me over beautiful hills and valleys and generally pleasure to look at scenery. I tried to bring the mood up with the Strauss Blue Danube music. This is how I usually feel when the conditions are right and the flying is pure pleasure. Turn the volume up and enjoy the flight with me.


255. Flying Kamloops-Ajax-Tobiano, Oct 31, 2019

One hour flight around Kamloops to Knutsford, flying club airstrip, Ajax old gold mine, Afton gold mine and Tobiano, golf course and residential resort. It was uneventful flight, but I missed the sunny sky. When I removed all the gadgets and cameras ready to go home, the weather changed to perfectly blue sky. Well, it was too late for me.


254. Flying in Kamloops Fall Colors, Oct 19, 2019

My second day of flying, while day before I went through some serious turbulence, this day was my redemption. It was very pleasant flight with some sporadic fluffy clouds and beautiful fall colors on the ground. Kamloops is a bit challenging to fly in, but when all stars line up it is extreme pleasure with so much of natural beauty all around to enjoy.


253. Beautiful Day, but Unpleasant Turbulence to Fly in, Oct 18, 2019

It was one of those autumn days full of fall colors, warm, sunny and no wind. It looked like an ideal day to fly. My fall color mood changed very quickly right out of the gate. It was very bumpy and getting progressively worse. It took me about 10 min to decide to go with it or chicken out and fly back. Eventually I did not want to push my luck and turned around.


252. Perception of Flying Speed from 9,000' above Ground, Kamloops Oct 6, 2019

30 sec video to show how perceived flying speed from 3 km (10,000') elevation looks extremely slow, while flying 130-140 km/h

251. Power off Glide from 10,000', Oct 6, 2019

I wanted to know what my trike gliding ration is while the engine is off. It took me 20 minutes to climb to my goal altitude of 10,000' (3088 m). I was climbing up at 600 fpm (3 m/s) which eventually dropped to 400 fpm (2 m/s) while maintaining constant 5,000 rpm on engine. The drop in vertical speed (performance) is natural, because the air is getting less dense with altitude. The view was spectacular and I felt like suspended in the air flying the Space Shuttle. I had practically no perception of speed from that height, but my ground speed was about 54 kn (100 km/h).

After I cleared with the control tower that nobody is in any hurry to land, I turned power off. This flight also gave me appreciation of the wing electric trim. I did not see any purpose of it when I made initial few flights, but now, I am singing different tune. It is excellent invention in longer and steady flights like this one. I trimmed it going up hill so if flew hands off the control bar and the same going down hill. I trimmed it going down to 50 kn indicated, which is actually 40 kn real, as I discovered in the first flights. It flew hands off and without unwanted turns or surprises.

It was peaceful downhill at steady speed covering 10 nm (20 km) distances. I calculated that my trike has 7:1 glide ratio. For every 1000' of elevation I could fly 7000' distance. Of course it will change with wind against or behind me. This glide ratio is very impressive for such heavy trike with small and fast wing. I did the similar test in Apr 2014 with my Airborne trike with Wizard wing ( I calculated 5:1 glide ratio on that slow trike.

Landing was uneventful and 60 kn (111 km/h). I could not restart the engine after landing, because the battery run out of juice. When you are in the similar situation you would appreciate the advantages of classical analog (gauge with needles) instruments versus all computerized stuff, which need a lot of power. I was prepared for this situation by carrying battery power pack and connected into the 12 V trike outlet. I kept all navigation lights, radio, transponder and all digital instruments on. I thought that the battery pack would be able to supply all needed power. Obviously it did not. You could see from the video that it was not big deal when I turned all power off. It was very happy day for me.


250. Flight to Barriere, BC, Oct 4, 2019

It was one of my best flights. I wanted to fly originally to Sun Peaks, but they were closed by fluffy clouds. I changed my plan towards the small town north of Kamloops. Barriere is located in beautiful North Thompson River valley, with many meadows, farms and ranches, good places for any emergency.

I took different route the last 15 km before Barriere. I flew above Westside Barriere Rd instead of river valley. It was very beautiful to see all those trees in fall colors. They looked like flowers on the meadows from my high elevation perspective. I was really moving with 50 km/h tail wind, but then, of course, on the way back it was slow against 50 km/h head wind. There were some expected turbulent sections, but not too bad considering it was 12:30 pm sun heat effect.


249. Short Flight over Kamloops North and East Ridges, Oct 1, 2019

Weather forecast called for sunny day, but it did not happen in that morning. I liked the fluffy low level clouds around the East Ridge peaks. Unfortunately, my joyful ride was tarnished by the radio. It just quit. It was very disappointing news for me, because I had many moments like that with my previous trike handheld radio. So it was "S..t, not again." I tried everything possible to get it going. I even turned off the master power switch, which I was not sure if this would also stop the engine. No, the engine was running OK. Thanks to my Transponder, I could "communicate" with the control tower. I switch to code to 7600 (Failed Radio) and pushed the ID button in all usual placed to let them know where I am. They could see me on the radar screen anyway, but my ID pressed button lighted on their screen my position.

I was stressed not about the flying, but to deal with the problem. When I was about 200 m from the end of runway we could again communicate by radio. It was not perfect, but at least I could apologize for the bloody radio. I was not very keen to deal with it right a way, but I am glad that I did. I concluded that it must be antenna and it was. The mini coaxial connector was unscrewed. The cable still worked in short distance as antenna, but not very far. I reconnected the cable and wrapped it in electric tape to prevent it from happening again. It really made my day. I was so happy that I found it. It was good day and the video shows it.


248. Second Flight that Day to Knutsford Area, Sep 30, 2019

It was beautiful day, but very bumpy especially in the South of Kamloops. I was looking for different layer for some peaceful flying conditions, but no luck. I just relaxed and tried to like it. I have good video.


247. Short Flight over Kamloops North Ridge, Sep 30, 2019

It was perfect weather (it looked like), but my camera quit shortly after take off. I turned back to reset it.


246. Flying over Kamloops North Ridge, Sep 6, 2019

The main reason for this flight was to take aerial picture after devastating fire of the local school the previous day. The school was totally destroyed. Unfortunately I took off with camera without memory card and on top of that I forgot to turn the front, full view camera on. Oh, well, at least I had very good local flight.

245. Flying to Sun Peaks, Mt Lolo and NW Ridge, Sep 1, 2019

I was trying new camera mount on the trike nose, so there is no picture interference with any part of trike. This front view is run at 4 to 6x faster with perceives speed of 500 to 700 km/h.

I did very good aerial survey of the Sun Peaks recreational area. It is the 2nd largest ski area in Canada, just 40 min away by car.

I crossed Mt Lolo, with a bit of turbulence and then scanned the hills of the NE of Kamloops Lake. This 1:40 hr flight is compressed into 3:50 min video.


244. Practicing Landings at Kamloops Airport , August 26, 2019

Short video showing several take-offs and landings in Apollo DeltaJet2 trike.


243. Flying from Kamloops to Logan Lake and Merritt via Hwy 97C, August 19, 2019

Another long distance flight (177 km) to explore Kamloops area beauty. Hwy 97C is going through beautiful valley when viewed from road or from the air. The flight was uneventful until Merritt at 3600' ASL while approaching the airport. I was met by serious turbulence in early morning sun heat. Original plan was to land at the Merritt airport, but the turbulence changed my mind to go up again and leave those conditions ASAP. The last leg to Kamloops was OK again. I was following Coquihalla Highway which is features on Discovery Channel as "Highway Thru Hell", reality TV show.

242. Flying from Kamloops to Highland Valley, Ashcroft and Cache Creek, August 7, 2019

I always wanted to fly around the big surface copper mine in Highland Valley. I attempted to do it in 2015, but ended up in the worst turbulence ever (by that time). See the video here The weather gods cooperated with me and allowed me to have good flight in another beautiful and challenging area in Kamloops region. I landed in Cache Creek airport to change the batteries for all 5 cameras, before flying back to Kamloops. It was 187 uneventful kilometers


241. Kamloops to Harper Ranch, Cold Creek Rd Loop, July 29, 2019

One of the most relaxing flight over spectacular countryside. This part of Kamloops area has totally different character, which remind me European meadows, rolling hills and small lakes. I was lucky to be flying under very unique cluster of small clouds. These clouds created interestingly looking spotty patterns over the North Ridge hills. I have very unique pictures and video capturing this life time opportunity. It will never happen this way again, as far as result is concern.

240. Kamloops Flying to Adams Lake Bay via Sun Peaks, July 22, 2019

One of our flying club members posted few pictures from his flight over Agate Bay Rd. It looked very spectacular, so I decided to explore it too. Weekend before my flight, I drove my intended flight loop, 200 km long loop on motorcycle. I realised that it would be extremely dangerous to follow the Adams Lake to Chase. I took the shorter flight over Sun Peaks to Agate Bay and then west following the Agate Bat Rd valley to Luis Creek. The last leg was over North Thompson River south, back to Kamloops. The video and photography conditions were not very good with early morning low sun in my face and early morning foggy low laying areas.

239. Kamloops Flying to Isobel Lake and NE Ridge, July 11, 2019

Friend of mine mentioned camping at Isobel Lake. He suggested flying there, which I did. It is located just few minutes north from the airport. Eventually I ended up east of Kamloops for excellent area for picture taking. It is one of the most interesting area of Kamloops. I had sun in my back so it helped to my videos and pictures.


238. My Record Flight to Molybdenite Peak, July 3, 2019

Several years ago I watched YouTube video showing group of Kamloops 4x4 riders going to Molybdenite peak (2,749 m, 9,919'). The peak is part of the Coast Mountains, vast mountain area spreading from Alaska down to Vancouver BC area. I tried to get some other person to join me to do this trip on off-road motorcycle. Interested people always quit before the trip. The last year my motorcycle accident squashed out that dream. I decided to fly there instead.

I had very few hours of sleep thinking of all those "what if" possibilities. I got up at 4:30 am and was in the air at 5:55 am. Dressed in my full winter gear, I was really hot in already sunny, 14C, morning. There was up to 18 km/h (10 kn) head wind, but otherwise very relaxing flight. It was not easy to take pictures, because big contrast between sunny and shady areas from the low sun position. I was stunned to see the beauty of the eastern part of the Coast Mountains. I reached my goal at 7 am. I was at 3,557 m (11,670'). I was glad for my winter clothes at 0C temperature. I took several pictures, circled around and headed back via Cache Creek airport. This is very tricky landing spot, because this airport is perpendicular and on downwind slope of very steep ridge. You are practically landing on downwind slope in swirling wind, which is no fun. I had quick stop to change batteries in my cameras and carried on to home stretch. The morning heat created turbulence in Cache Creek area and it kicked me up few times.

I landed safely at the Kamloops airport, at 8:50 am. I took advantage of WW2 bombers, B17 and B25 parked by the terminal. They came form USA for one week public display and flights, as organised by our Kamloops Flying Club. I took some pictures together with my trike.

My record longest and potentially the most dangerous flight so far.

Distance: 278 km (173 mi, 150 nm)

Max Elevation: 3,557 m (11,670')

Moving time: 2:40 hr

Max Ground Speed: 148 km/h (92 mph, 80 kn)

237. Flying to Knouff Sullivan Lake Area, June 9, 2019

Six days before, I was driving my motorcycle to Knouff Lake Recreation Area and I was very impresses with the nature beauty there. I decided to check it out from the air too. It was very nice flight, but the better view from the ground. It looks from the air much flatter then from the ground.

236. Flying to Savona to Check the Wild Fire Situation There, June 6, 2019

Walking on the street previous day, I noticed black smoke on western horizon. Oh no! No forest fire again. Media reports were not very favourable with statements like double in size, out of control...

The morning was crisp, with just 8C and sunny sky. I decided to fly west to see how bad the fire situation is NW of Savona. Actually, I was very surprised that the fire was out, but still with some smouldering patches and very close to the forest. I could see small burned patch and father west large burned area. It was obvious that it was deliberately set by someone. The first smaller patch was very far away from the train track separated by very dry grass and wide road. This fire could not start by train. It is mad-mad world.


235. Kamloops COPA Flights for Kids, June 1, 2019

Kamloops Flying Club organized "COPA for Kids". COPA (Canadian owners and pilots association) motivation is to seed some interest into young generation to become pilots, attendants, mechanics.. The current majority of pilots is in its life sunset. Very few people are starting to fly. Unless something drastic happens, there will not be too many long distance holidays or business trips. There will be no pilots and mechanics to service those planes.

234. How Trike Works and How to Mount Flight Cameras, May 30, 2019

I did similar video with my Airborne Trike in Feb 2017. I had many very good responses, so I decided to follow up with my new trike, but with emphasis on camera mounting basics. It shows how trike is controlled, instrumentation, how to make camera mounts, how to mount them to prevent vibration, best angle of view, how to set camera to be parallel with horizon in level flight... All comments ale welcome.

233. Short Flight to West of Kamloops North Ridge, May 30, 2019

My flight ended just after 20 min. It was early morning at 15C, no wind, but very hazy day. We were getting smoke from our neighbouring province Alberta with enormous forest fires there. My original plan was to do cross-country triangular flight, about 180 km long. It did not happen. I started in no wing and as soon as I climbed to 4000' I was hit with 67 km/h (42 mph) headwind. The turbulence was getting worse with every minute from all those hills around me. The second planned leg would get me into 90 deg crosswind and no chance to fly in the beautiful valley. I decided to turn around and not to push my luck. The next time.

232. Flying on the Edge of North Ridge West and East of Kamloops, May 27, 2019

I made another beautiful flight just north of Kamloops. Finally I dared to fly over, for me mysterious village Frederick, located 15 km NW of the airport. The only access to it is by twisty narrow road over the steep mountain road or by the boat. I dove down to the Kamloops lake edge for some low passes and few pictures. The next leg took me NE of Kamloops following more-less Shuswap road. The early morning was very hazy and with sun in to my face made filming and taking pictures challenging. The situation significantly improved on the way back with sun behind. I wanted to explore from close up the hoodoo formation along the Shuswap road. It is very interesting part of the Kamloops and definitely not boring countryside.

231. Flying from Kamloops to Falkland - Westwold - Monte Creek and Kamloops, May 21, 2019

I made several attempts in the past to fly to Falkland region, but the turbulence changed my plan in hurry. It was different this time. I flew direct line from Kamloops to Falkland and then I followed highway 97 and 1 back to Kamloops. This road is well traveled by many people and tourists on the way to Vernon and Kelowna regions. I wanted to know if it looks as spectacular from the air as from the road and I was not disappointed. Mainly Westwold farm and meadow land are very beautiful. I wish I spent more time to explore that beauty, but I did not want to push my luck. I knew that late morning heat would change the peaceful flight into potential hell flight.

230. Flying from Merritt to Kamloops, May 6, 2019

This is return flight continuation of the previous video. During short pit stop at Merritt airport, I changed all 4 cameras batteries and enjoyed and bit the beautiful blue sky and crispy clear air in the beautiful region. I decided to head home, before the nature would change its mood. I more-less followed the famous Coquihalla (TV series Highway to Hell) north to Kamloops. The trip was uneventful, but still beautiful to see all those distant mountain ridges covered in snow and the small lakes below me.

229. Flying from Kamloops to Merritt Airport, May 6, 2019

I started early morning to prevent Kamloops area moody weather. The weather is very good in Kamloops, provided you are on the ground. It is different story when you are in the air.

I was up in the air at 6:30, heading for Merritt airport. I chose longer, but very scenic way through the Nicola Valley. It is deep valley with beautiful lakes and nature. I wanted to take advantage to have sun more towards my back to get better light condition for my video and pictures. I took over 130 pictures from my trip.

I just bought another GoPro camera (6th now), this time Hero 7 Black. Black has nothing to do with color. It is the confusing type of camera features in this sequence: White, Silver and Black which is the most advanced. I was very impressed with the camera result. The Stabilization if phenomenal and it works exactly how it supposed work for use with aircrafts or boats on waves. The background in steady, but the foreground subject is moving. When you have camera on the wing then in turbulence you are moving against the background. Normally background would be moving while you are fixed in one point on the screen. I was doing this in pos-processing software, which took 2.5 hours for every 20 min of video. Now, all this is done in real time in such small device like GoPro. Very impressive. I was hesitant to buy it, because the original Stabilization had one negative which I call, Over-stabilization. You could see this effect even on TV made by professional cameras. When panning moving object then the result is jerky. I my case when used during take off or landing the undercarriage was separated from the trike and catching up and falling behind. I bought the camera as soon as heard from my fellow trike FB friend that GoPro fixed this phenomenon.

228. Flying from Salmon Arm to Kamloops, April 26, 2019

After about 40 minutes in Salmon Arm airport I took off towards the Kamloops. I wanted to follow more scenic route by Shuswap Lake and South Thompson River. I thought that I have it well imprinted in my head, which was not the case. After about 10 min flight I realized that I am flying south instead of north. This is the 2nd time when this happened at the same place

I was too far from my original route, so I took shortcut across the mountain again. I wanted to avoid this route, because I did not like the turbulence there. The turbulence was waiting for me.

I took side trip to Chase village on the shore of Little Shuswap Lake. Of course taking pictures and my 3 GoPro cameras were recording my journey. The rest of the flight was relaxing above the magnificent nature in the South Thompson River between South and North Ridges.

227. Flying to Salmon Arm, April 26, 2019

This video is from my first leg of two hour flight to Salmon Arm (SA) airport and back. I decided to fly almost straight line between Kamloops and SA over the mountain. The flight was almost uneventful until 20 km from SA when crossing mountain ridges and multidirectional valleys, which is not very good combination. I received several good kicks from thermals and changing wind directions. I landed in SA, changed camera batteries, talked to several pilots interested in my bird. I wanted to go back home ASAP, before the heat of the day would make my flight less enjoyable.


226. Flying to Tobiano and Savona to Test Wing GoPro on 3x Stabilizer, April 14, 2019

I was waiting a long time to test again the Gimbal Stabilizer FY-WG X3 with GoPro wing camera. I tested this mechanical stabilizer in 2016 with disappointing results, when batteries quit in just 12 minutes at -3C. It was a bit better this time with 30 min running time at +3C, but still very short of spec 3 to 4 hours. I will try again in summer. The result is very good and much more interesting relation between the trike and background.

225. My Record Flight to Dunn Peak, the Highest Peak in Kamloops Region, March 30, 2019

I was always intrigued by the snowy peak on very distant northern horizon. I was very close to this region in Oct 29, 2018, when flying to Barriere, BC. I did not dare to fly there until I would learn more about this mountain.

The conditions were ripe for very good flight at 9:30 am, with blue, but hazy morning sky and +6C. Just before I strapped myself into my bird, I was visited by my flying club buddy. He told me about his nasty experience with extreme turbulence while flying his regular airplane there. This stacked in my head, especially, when in that mountain range. I was flying in the final stage at 11,175', well above the peak elevation of 8,600' to avoid the mountain turbulence. I stayed on the up wind side of mountain only and chickened out to fly around, hearing in my head his story of 1,000'/min downdraft.

It was very good flight without any surprises. It was another milestone flight with these, for me, record setting values:



Distance: 184 km (114 mi)

Max Elevation: 3,406 m (11,175')

Delta elevation 3,053 m (10,015')

Average Speed: 116 km/h (72 mph)

Time: 1:35

Temper -6C to +8C (21 F to 46 F)

224. Flight to Second Largest Ski Area in Canada, March 20, 2019

It was truly spring day. I took off from Kamloops around 11am at +3C (1160') and experienced +13C over Sun Peaks at 7800'. I was actually hot in my winter clothing. Sun Peaks is the second largest ski area in Canada, while Whistles by Vancouver is the largest.

It was very pleasant flight with just small section with turbulence; otherwise I could listen to music and daydream. Actually, I was fully alert and waited for some nasty Kamloops area surprises, which, fortunately, never came.

I adjusted the angle of view of my camera mounted on the broomstick. The view looks good. This low tech camera mount was surprisingly very sturdy and fast to make. It would not win any industrial design price, but it cost nothing and worked perfectly. I cannot say the same about the GoPro overpriced mounts, which are good enough, but no good for my videos. I had to modify them to prevent vibrations.

223. Kamloops Flight Following North Thompson River, March 17, 2019

Another short flight to test my homemade camera mount, but mainly if the view would be interesting to watch. It appears that my broom stick camera mount and its attachment to the wing struts worked well with practically no vibration. I will leave to viewers to answer the question whether the camera view is interesting. The next time I will turn the camera more forward facing to capture the scenery too.

It was the first day of this winter season, when I was actually hot during the flight. Yahoo!



222. Kamloops Flight to North Ridge, March 17, 2019

Just short flight with my new camera mount and 360 Master Vision camera. It was disappointing test, because camera quit recording just after only 2 minutes. The camera manual says that it should be operated above 7C. The temperature was 3C to 6C. Obviously, that camera did not like it. I landed and installed GoPro camera to give me another angle of view. You could see the result in the next video.

221. Kamloops Flight to Downtown, Nicola Valley, Ajax, March 13, 2019

Beautiful day with now wind, ideal conditions to have pleasant flight. After take off I realized that I forgot my camera on the back seat. I had to turn around to retrieve it. Right after take off I noticed that this flight might not be very relaxing. The air was bumpy and the bumpiness was steady increasing during the flight. I also noticed when flying over the Knutsford area, that I did not buckled up after my camera retrieval. The flying conditions were not ideal for hands off flying. It took me two attempts to secure myself in the seat again. This was big relieve for me!

I had to change my original flight plan twice, due to the snow/rain in the areas where I was planning to go. I am very allergic to such combination of blue sky with cold clouds nearby. This always brings very nasty and sudden winds in Kamloops area. I made it home safely.

220. Kamloops Flight North Ridge, Tobiano, Afton Mine, March 9, 2019

I took advantage of the first warm and sunny day of 2019. Ground temperature was +2C and -6C in the air. I explored still snow covered country side around Kamloops. I flew west following the north shore of Kamloops Lake. Crossed the lake south to Tobiano Golf Resort and then east towards Knutsford. Several pilots reported show showers and significant turbulence nearby, but at that time I had totally blue sky above head. I could see heavy clouds all around which eventually started to created turbulence in my area. I decided not to push my luck and turned towards the airport. It was good day with beautiful scenery.

219. One Hour Winter Flight around Kamloops, March 6, 2019

One hour pleasant flight in the first above the freezing temperature. Beautiful views of hilly areas covered with show on North sides, while brown on the sunny sides.

218. Kamloops Loop Flight, March 1, 2019

It was almost nice day and especially after unusually cold weather in Kamloops. This video shows Kamloops beauty from the air in areas between Kamloops Lake and Mt Peter and Paul. One hour flight in 7 min video.

217. Kamloops Local Flight, Feb 15, 2019

Finally! It was almost warm at -5C. We had unusually cold and windy 2 weeks of weather. This day the sun was peeking through after about 6 cm of fresh snow. After clearing snow from my long access road to runway, I decided to take my bird for some fresh air. It was beautiful flight with no wind or turbulence. I flew just around Kamloops until my feet were cold in about 40 min. About one hour after I landed, remove all GPS's, camera and other stuff, the weather became absolutely perfect with blue sky and no wind. I should stay longer, but I did not. Well, I hope for the next time.

216. Flying above Beautiful Kamloops NW Ridge, Jan 21, 2019

The second sunny day required to take your bird up. I was following Kamloops North Ridge east and west. With practically now ground wind, it was blowing around 70 km/h at 6,500'. The flight was very enjoyable and uneventful until I noticed that my seat belt was unbuckled (again). The buckle opens by just lifting its latch. I have camera around the neck and resting practically on that seat belt buckle. Most likely, I accidentally pull the buckle latch when grabbing the camera with my clumsy winter glove. Regardless, I had to buckle up again in the air. While doing it, the control bar suddenly and unexpectedly surged (moved) forward, into, I think, stall position. If you don't have patience to watch whole movie then skip to 3 min and watch it in normal and slow motion. I would like to hear from you experts some explanation, what really happened there.


215. Flying to Chase Village over Beautiful Mountains, Jan 20, 2019

It was beautiful, crispy day at about -2C to -6C. I was flying east from Kamloops over the Harper Mountain Ski Hill and over beautiful valleys and hills to Chase village. The Chase is "coastal" village on Little Shuswap Lake. It was very nice flight over mountains and clouds. That area is very picturesque. I landed from about 3,000' to runway at idle speed (~2,000 RPM) until touch down. It was another first  in this trike. It went very well.


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