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January 23, 2024

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106. Kamloops Flying over South Thompson River Sand Bars, Nov 21, 2015

It was cold, but reasonable day for flying, so why not to fly. Checked my popular sand bars on South Thompson River. Nothing extraordinary happened, but it was good flying day.

105a. South Thompson River Sand Bars from the Air (Slide Show). Nov 2, 2015

Slide show of the beautiful sand bars with relaxing music to listen to.

It was very beautiful day for flying. Turbulence was manageable and scenery spectacular by the East of Kamloops Lake. The highlight of the day was to fly over the South Thompson River delta with ever changing sand bars. The nature is the real artist in this aspect.

105. Kamloops Flying over South Thompson River Sand Bars and NE of Kamloops Lake. Nov 2, 2015

It was very beautiful day for flying. Turbulence was manageable and scenery spectacular by the NE of Kamloops Lake. The highlight of the day was to fly over the North Thompson River delta with ever changing sand bars. The nature is the real artist in this aspect.

104. Kamloops Flying over North Thompson River, Mara Mt and Sand Bars, Oct 20. 2015

It was perfect, chilly day for flying, with no wind and a little of turbulence. The best part was to fly low over the South Thompson River. The late summer, fall and winter create continually different and larger sandbars as water level is decreasing. I like those creations of nature. I met with several birds and flocks of birds there. I flew over very colorful, now dry slew near Tranquille farm.

103. Kamloops Flying to Knutsford Fly-In Breakfast, Sep 27. 2015

Sep 27 was an excellent day for flying to Fly-in breakfast organized by Knutsford flying club. Beautiful, but crisp sunny morning with no wind in Kamloops. It became very windy as soon as I cleared the hills south of Kamloops down town. Typically very windy in Knutsford which is just 10 km south of Kamloops. I just ate my breakfast and headed back before it would get worse. Took of into 10 kn wind and came in totally still air in Kamloops. Spent some time above emerging sand bars from lowering river water level which is annual natural occurrence.

102. Kamloops Flying to Chase and Squilax Air Strip, Aug. 19, 2015

My another flying millstone: The longest flight of 181 km and 2:50 hr total flying time over potentially hostile environment in case of emergency. Flew over the following lakes Paul, Pinantan, Niskonith and Aylmer, before I reached very large "Little Shuswap Lake". There were no places to land if needed. Finally landed on Squilax air strip to change my GPS and GoPro cameras batteries. The country site is spectacular like any other places around Kamloops. I encountered some almost unpleasant turbulence, but nothing like in my past flights. On the way back while waiting for other aircraft to land or take off I spotted 15 pelicans near Tranquille farm. I did not know that pelicans are in Kamloops. This 20 min video is result of 5.5 hours video clips.

101. Kamloops Flying, Aug 15, 2015

I tried to chase low clouds after a day of heavy rain. Unfortunately clouds dispersed before I could reach them. The sky turned very grey, so I lost appetite to do any big explorations. It was just 50 min flight. My wing camera refused to cooperate so this is just single camera view video.

100. Flying over Tranquille Farms and NW Ridge, July 28, 2015

I had good fun flying morning over the farms and West part of North Ridge. I experienced sudden blast of cold air by the edge of Mara Mt. I did not expect anything pleasant from it so I hopped quickly into the safe air further south. I can say that I handle the turbulence very good. I just relax and only control the moving hang glider from extreme angles. It flies by itself. I actually move much less than in an airplane, because I am suspended from the wing center of gravity so while wing is dancing above I am more-less stationary at least in compression with fixed wing aircraft.

99. Flying Kamloops, Knutsford, Campbell Rd Valley and East of Kamloops, July 23, 2015

I attempted to fly in the Campbell Rd valley several times before, but I was always forced back by the nasty turbulence or wind there. The Campbell road is in deep and narrow valley surrounded by dark colored ridge slopes and green colored ground. Large lake in that area also contributes to sever turbulences. I was finally brave enough to fly through, because I am also much more experience with turbulent air and I am more tolerant to it. It was good flight.

98. Happy Canada Day. Flight Past Sunset, July 1, 2015

It was one of the best flying days ever. I took of this second flight of the day at 8 pm with plan to stay up until legal time allows. I could stay up till 30 min past the sunset, which was at 9:45 pm. I flew several times around downtown, landed in Knutsford and then explored the Mt Peter & Paul. Counted 25 wild horses in one small area on the top. Saw spectacular Blue Moon sunrise. I wish I could fiddle with camera to take something close what human eye could see. Unfortunately, I had to fly too so the electronic record is not even close to human record. I landed at 9:45. The ground was totally dark, because the sun sets behind the mountains, which makes very sharp difference between day and night. I was wearing my Canada Day T-shirt, which already celebrated 15th Canada Day. It was gift from my daughter 15 years ago. It was good day.

I noticed that GoPro struggled with low light conditions which resulted with a bit fuzzy video by the end.

97. Canada Day Morning Flying, July 1, 2015

It was very nice early morning with crisp air and blue skies after torrential rain day before. I took off towards Kamloops downtown to check on preparation for usually big Canada Day celebration in the park. I was just buzzing around and had fun. I followed North Thompson river to explore the river valley. It was very relaxing flight. After watching this video I realized that the air was also turbulent, but I did not even remember that. I guess, I am getting more tolerant to those bumps

96. Flying to Logan Lake and Highland Valley Copper Mine, Nasty Turbulence, June 23, 2015

 Almost 2 hours flight started early morning in Kamloops with no wind, blue sky and temperature around 25C. Peaceful flight changed quickly into very bumpy ride. I was considering turning back, but continued. I eventually got used to it, so I continued S-W towards Logan Lake village and then Highland Valley Copper Mine open pit which covers many square kilometers of land. I wanted to fly around the mine to take pictures and videos. I changed my mind when I saw the fluffy clouds above the mine and I knew that this would be very unpleasant. I was also very cold and started shiver. The temperature at 7,200' was just 12C and 70 km/h win chill from my open cockpit did not help either. I turned back as soon as I reached the S-E edge of the open pit. At that moment it felt like someone turn switch on of the turbulence generator. I was acceptable 3 minutes before but frightening now. I had about one hour of flying ahead of me. This was definitively my worse flight ever and I wish to be on the ground rather then in the air. Many pilots would say that it is always better to be on the ground and wish to be flying rather than to be flying and wish to be on the ground. This was exactly my case. It was difficult to control my trike acting like spooked wild horse. The heat turbulence was relentless and lasted all the way to the airport runway. I was really surprised that I was not air sick, because I get very air or carsick from just playing video game. But the airsickness caught up with me just by Affton mine and I felt it for another 3 days after. My control bar camera quit for no reason about 45 min before the end and the wing camera batteries died 5 minutes before landing. At least I have good video, which show how peacefulness could change into nastiness in just a minute.

95a. Mini Air Show, Knutsford June 14, 2015

After flying club BBQ, some members showed their toys. See this mini air show.

95. Flying in Kamloops, June 14, 2015

Flew from Kamloops to our small field airstrip in Knutsford, where I had to fix my wing camera which was not recording. Flew across Kamloops downtown towards North Ridge. Had to wait on south side to allow Air Canada Dash 8 in its descend flight towards airport. Took several pictures of Brock residential area flooded farm fields on west side of Kamloops.

94. Flying Kamloops May 28, 2015

Flying over Kamloops downtown, Knutsford, Nichola Valley, Mt Peter & Paul and North Ridge.

93. Flying Kamloops May 12, 2015 (Knutsford, South to Nichola Valley and North Ridge)

Finally very good flying weather. I took off early in the morning when sun heat did not create too much of havoc, so my flight was mostly peaceful. Flew over the Ajax gold mine, Knutsford airstrip and then further south to Nichola Valley. There I encountered the first bumpy ride due to rising sun heat and cold water at the valley bottom. My original intention was to fly further south, but I did not want to push my luck. Turner back over downtown and then North Ridge, flying about 1000' higher then normally. This gave me new perspective view, but speed perception dropped sharply. Explored the north part of Frederick Rd valley and 6,000 ft. It was enjoyable fun.

92. Flying in not very Peaceful Air, Apr 19, 2015 (Knutsford and North Ridge)

Air was very peaceful on the ground, but it was different story in the flight. This video shows it very clearly. I am getting used to these conditions, but a year ago I would totally freaked out. 1504190001-Knutsford-NRidge-Turbulence.mp4. Click here for pictures

91. Trike Flying to Savona during Heavy Turbulence. My worst flight ever, Apr 5, 2015.

Previous day I drove my motorcycle through the mountain area to Oscar hang gliding launch area (N50.79707 W120.90213), NW of Savona, BC. I came to watch a bunch of hang gliders to take off. It brought me back to 1974 when I started with this sport. The activities were planned for the next day too, so I decided to fly there. I knew that it will not be easy flight, but I did not expect that it will be so scary. The weather was very peaceful, sunny and no wind. There were some heavy fluffy clouds around, so I was prepared for some surprises. I was eventually facing 10 kn (18 km) head wind from west with occasional kicks from thermals and down drafts from shades, but nothing too exciting. I have now much higher tolerance to nastiness of weather when compare to my first days of Kamloops flying. These conditions would be frightening before, but acceptable now.

The wind was still blowing from west when I turned NW towards the Oscar. It started to get more unpleasant. As soon as I spotted the hang gliders on the edge of mountain and I wave to the people, the forces of the nature grab my hang glider control bar from me to show me who is the boss. To my surprise, I was on down wind side of the mountain. The wind was blowing from East, while up to that point it was from the West. I was in the middle of the forceful downdraft pushing me down and thermals pushing me up and everything in between. If you do not have patience to watch it, then skip to 2:30. I think it is interesting to watch. It was so bad that I could not even take any pictures, because I could not let the control bar from my hands. I felt like garbage bag in the wind.

90. Trike Flying to Knutsford Area and North Ridge During Heavy Turbulence, Apr 2, 2015.

I took off at no wind from Kamloops airport and 15 km south the wind was blowing 38 km/h. The thermals from the sun shining through holes in the clouds were getting unpleasant to my stomach, so I decided to go back over downtown and eventually over the North Ridge. Base on the past several weeks of really strange weather changing within an hour I decided to go down before it is too late. Actually the weather stayed good, but I had my flying fix already.


89. I made it to a local movie.

I was interviewed, by inspiring young BC filmmaker, Kora Vanderlip in January 2015. She also used few seconds of my GoPro clips. Check it out.

88. Trike Flying to Knutsford Area and Detail View Flight around Mt Peter and Paul, Feb 20, 2015

It was another beautiful day to fly in this beautiful nature surrounding Kamloops. Flew several times around Kamloops horizon landmarks, famous Mt Peter and Paul to show how they look from the close up. Click here for pictures.

87. Trike Flying North Ridge, South Ridge and Sand Bars Feb 15, 2015

The second day of perfect flying over the Kamloops beautiful nature just few minutes from our house. Explored areas over the North Ridge, flew over Mara Mt and then crossed the Tranquille Valley to Frederick Rd. Hit some major turbulence. The wind was very light, but changing in 180 deg direction. It was very difficult to predict if I will be on upwind or downwind side of the hills. I took many pictures to document all that natural beauty. There is spectacular view on the North shore of the Kamloops lake towards the Frederick village. Continued across the airport to South Ridge which opened another spectacular view of those mountain ranges. Click here for pictures.

86. Trike Flying Sand Bars and North Ridge, Feb 14, 2015

Finally, after 3 month without flying, I had my perfect flying day. I explored ever changing river sand bars and then flew over the North Ridge mountain terrain to have real fun. I hit some turbulences which I am more relaxed with now and I even enjoy them. The weather was perfect, which shows in my videos and pictures. Click here for pictures.

85. Trike Flying GPS Fast Track of above Flight, Feb 14, 2015

GPS downloaded my flight path and animated to see how and where I was flying

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