341 YouTube Flying Videos by Jan Nademlejnsky

(Updated April 7, 2021)

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341. Flying to Chase, Apr 6, 2021

Very good flight east through South Thompson Rive valley, one of the most scenic area in Kamloops region. I hit one serious air hole on the way back, which was very quick awakening from relaxing flight.





340. Very Unpleasant Flight in Pure Turbulence, March 31, 2021

After several days of serious winds, this day was totally calm with blue sky and +8C. I was really looking forward to my cross country flight, but it was quickly clear that it will not happen. I was bouncing like yoyo as soon as I took off. I was in one continual turbulence which eventually made me nauseated. Four days before I flew on commercial flight (as passenger) in heavy turbulence, which was my second worse turbulence on commercial flight. I become air sick which I felt for 3 days. My flight only multiplied that sick in stomach feeling. At least I have very good video from just 30 min flight.


339. Very Nice Flight to Nicola Valley and Glimpse Lake, Mar 16, 2021

I took advantage of perfect weather to fly through spectacular BC countryside.



338. Flying in Campbell Creek Valley to Barnhartvale, Mar 9, 2021

I attempted to fly this valley several times already, but the non cooperating weather always changed my plans. I was lucky this time. It is very nice area which I explored on motorcycle from ground up. It was time to do it from the air. The valley is usually very windy with crazy turbulence, because the air is compressed into narrow and winding trough. One of my 4 cameras did not record anything, so I lost one view, but I still have nice video into classical music.


337. Flying to Knutsford and North Ridge. Heavy Turbulence, Mar 2, 2021

It was decent day for flying with no wind at the Kamloops airport. I had an ambitious plan, which was quickly changed when I entered worsening turbulence.  Kamloops has own unique micro weather, which is very unpredictable and challenging. The countryside is extremely beautiful with complex terrain. Several valleys are joining in one point right in downtown. This alone is usually not very good for predictable fun. Well, regardless, it was very good flight and I have this video to prove it.


336. Flying form Cache Creek in Exciting Flight, Feb 21, 2021

I was getting anxious to go back after 40 minutes flight from Kamloops. I did not want the weather change on me. I was already experiencing unpleasant turbulence when flying in.

I met another ultralight pilot there, Daniel Berwin who landed after me. He decided to follow me a bit and take some aerial pictures. It was nice change, because it is just 2nd opportunity in my life to fly with somebody. Another excitement happened in about 10 minutes in my flight when I spotted another plane (Cessna) well down under me flying to Cache Creek. He really sucked the air from my track resulting good bump. I started in -2C in Kamloops landed in +6C in Cache Creek and +8C back in Kamloops. It was very good and exciting day.



335. Flying to Tobiano, Walhachin and Cache Creek. Good Turbulence, Feb 21, 2021

This was the first leg of my 1.5 hour flight to Cache Creek. I flew via golf and residential area high above Kamloops Lake, Tobiano and down in the valley on the end of Kamloops Lake, Savona. I continued in the complex valley of winding South Thompson River creating spectacular scenery. I flew over small historic village situated high above the river valley, Walhachin. I continued towards Ashcroft through to deep canyon of South Thompson River, but I felt in my bones that it would not be smooth sailing. The complex terrain and shifted winds create unpredictable flying conditions. Eventually, I had enough of bouncing around and got out before it would be too late. The Cache Creek Airport and its location are a bit intimidating.  First it looks very small from the air especially when flying from Kamloops with such large airport runway. Secondly the location in the middle of the mountain slope creates good crosswinds and up or downdrafts by winds from the perpendicular valley. I met there another pilot, Daniel Berwin with his Zenair bird. We exchanged few Covid distant words and experiences. He followed me on my way back and took several pictures from his ultralight. It was nice.


334. Beautiful Winter Flight in Beautiful Wintery Kamloops, Feb 16, 2021

Finally, after several windy days of real winter in Kamloops, there was no wind and temperature just below freezing. It was beautiful flight after morning snow starting to melt on sunny sides. The contrast between the snow and bare surfaces creates unique enhancement of the Kamloops very complex topography. 


333. Flying in Fresh Snow to Kamloops Juniper Ridge and Area, Feb 6, 2021

It was gorgeous day after overnight fresh show, blue sky and above freezing temperature. I took off downwind (~13 km/h) west, turned to east in totally calm air and in about 200 m higher I got into serious tail wind of up to 45 km/h from west. The wind was flowing simultaneously from opposite direction within short elevation difference. I flew over Juniper Ridge subdivision, which looks very flat from the air, but it is actually very hilly and assuming also challenging to drive those steep streets in winter. I explored Rose Hill and Knutsford area too. It was very good flight.


332. Experience with “GoPro Hero 9 Black” as a Prime Camera for Unrestricted Frontal View, Feb 2, 2021

I sold my GoPro Hero 7 and replaced the front full view camera with the latest GoPro Hero 9 Black. The reason is Hero 9 horizon lock to prevent horizon tilt when turning. Tilting horizon is annoying in my videos, so I always switch in those moments to side camera views. Well, the horizon lock did not work very well and actually it was very bad. I could use only few clips from this miracle Hero 9 camera. I return the Hero 9 back to store. Now, I need to buy another Hero 7 Black. I am showing examples of badness and my interpretation of how this horizon lock would not work in my case. I was hoping for steady “Super stabilized” views, so I could run video 4x faster without any distractions. I am sorry to report that the result was totally unacceptable. This is excellent camera for other application, but not for what I wanted it for. For that purpose Hero 7 Black is far superior. If you are considering to buying it for flying then you should watch this video.



331. Following North Ridge to Harper Ski Hill in Heavy Turbulence, Feb 2, 2021

I sold my GoPro Hero 7 and replaced the front full view camera with the latest GoPro Hero 9 Black. The reason is H9 horizon lock to prevent horizon tilt when turning. This was annoying in my videos, so I always switched at those moments to side camera views. Well, it did not work very well and actually it was very bad. I could use only few clips from this miracle camera. I return the Hero 9 back to store. Now, I wish to buy back my Hero 7 Black camera. I am looking. I will post me experience and example, why this camera is no good for aviation at least for full camera view without any part of airplane in the view. It was expensive experiment for me. I sold my like new camera cheap and most likely I will pay more and most likely for abused and bruised camera.

It was beautiful and calm (!) day, but not for long. Within of about 5 minutes it started kicking up and down. It was getting progressively worse on the way back. I was looking for some smoother air level, but there was nothing available for me. When I crossed the N Thompson River west, the peace returned again. At least I have good video.




330. Flying over North and South Thompson Rivers, Jan 29, 2021

I have very good video from cold flight. We had some traces of new snow, which makes the surrounding scenery more contrasting and more interesting.



329. Kamloops Aerial Photos: Peterson Creek, Downtown, North Shore, Brock - Slideshow, Jan 20, 2021

Pictures taken from the top (south) of Peterson Creek in small increments through downtown then west up to airport. Pictures are from video # 327


328. Beautiful Nicola Valley Aerial Photos - Slideshow, Jan 20, 2021

Pictures taken only in Nicola Valley during the flight shown in video # 327


327. Low Flight through the most Beautiful Valley in Kamloops Region, Jan 20, 2021

It was an excellent, but a bit chilly flying day. I tried several times before to fly low in the Nicola Valley, but it was always very drafty a of course unpredictable. I was lucky this time. This is one of the most scenic roads in BC and especially on motorcycle. It looks so peaceful from the road, but it is totally different from the air due to the complex terrain causing unpredictable winds and wind flows. I have very good video from one hour flight at 90 to 140 km/h ground speed.


326. Cloud Challenge to Keep within Clear Sky, Jan 15, 2021

The airport area was without clouds when I took off. As soon as I was above their level I could see that it would be wise to stay within that hole only. The clouds eventually cleared on the west side and open up also south. I flew over Ajax mine, Tobiano and sandbars. The flying conditions were very interesting. I could see just peaks of the Kamloops landmarks poking through to cotton balls. It was warmer by 5C just under the clouds then by the river. The ground was calm, but 40 km/h wind at 5000’.



325. Following South Ridge to Buse Hill and North Ridge to Sandbars. Turbulent Air, Jan 15, 2021

Finally after 16 days of warm, but very windy weather, the Mother Nature finally brought crispy, blue sky and no wind day. Masses of people enjoyed this sudden change together with several local flyers. I was planning to go for low and close aerial exploration of Buse Hill which looks very cool on its north side. I soon discovered that I would be lucky if I even make it there. The air was very bumpy with many very sudden kicks and pushes, which took a bit of optimism from my joy. I made it there, but I did not dare to go any close to it. The flight on the way back was not any better. I saw 9 wild horses on at the foot of North Ridge. I finished my flight with a victory lap over the river delta sand bars. They are amazing creation of nature, which could be seen only from the above, high just enough to see the underwater formations. When I landed I found out that my full view, front mounted camera refused to record. Those cameras are not very reliable. It was very good day anyway.


324. CBC Radio Interview with Me, Jan 7, 2021

This is radio interview with me about my flying in Kamloops. I turned it into a slide show to make it more enjoyable to watch. It was very good and I am happy how it turned out.




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