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January 23, 2024

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214. First Snow in Kamloops Flying, Dec 27, 2018

I like when ground is covered by the first snow, but not everything is white yet. The terrain looks much better in that contrasts between the white snow and dark roads, streets and slopes.

It was good flying day.

214. Short Flight over Kamloops North Ridge, Dec 15, 2018

I woke up into blue sky, no wind and above freezing temperature. I checked, as always, all my weather application, including Environment Canada Weather (EC) forecast. EC showed 5C and 30 km/h wind for every hour, including my wakening hour with absolutely no wind. This government site has the most useless weather information. It is obvious that during the sunny day the temperature will go up. All other weather applications were showing 5 to 10 km/h wind and of course variable temperatures per each hour. So I took a chance and went flying. I made just 40 min loop, because the EC forecasted 30 km/h wind was haunting me. I tested my newly installed electric carburetor heaters, which will give me more confidence in my machine in winter. Frozen carburetor in Kamloops area would not be fun. I cut my flying short, but the wind never came, while beautiful, spring like weather continued.

212. Worst Turbulence Ever from Control Bar Cameras, Nov 28, 2018

This is almost full turbulence captured by the control bar cameras. It shows how bad (for some not too bad) it really was. It is part of the video # 210

211. Worst Turbulence Ever from Wing Camera, Nov 28, 2018

This is almost full turbulence captured by the wing camera without too much of editing. It shows how bad (for some not too bad) it really was. It is part of the video # 210

210. Short Kamloops Flight in the Worst Turbulence Ever, Nov 28, 2018

It was beautiful, sunny day with just light wind. I took off with intention to fly east towards Chase and perhaps further east. In about 5 minutes my plan very quickly and suddenly changed. I was in the worst turbulence while in command (I was in much worse turbulence in commercial flight). The up and down bounces were very unpleasant and for me outright scary. I was in one moment in weightless condition going down with instant kick back up. The problem was that I took off west, up wind, turned east, down wind but instead I ended up in very strong up wind. This is the weirdness of Kamloops flying conditions. Regardless what ever it was, I hope I will not experience this again.

209. Flying to Deadman Valley and Seat Belt Problem, Nov 17, 2018

I took off for 130 km loop flight to Deadman Valley. I was following the south shore of Kamloops Lake flying west over Tobiano, Golf Residential Resort, to Savona.  I turned NW over beautiful Deadman Valley for about 30 km. My fingers were getting numb from cold, so I decided to fly straight back SE towards the Kamloops Airport. The environment is not very friendly for any emergency landings there, while flying over heavily forested hills and valleys. I trust my Rotax 912.  There were many logging fires so the very large area looked like during the famous Kamloops forest fires.

At about 5 min into my flight, I noticed that I forgot to buckle up. Instead of turning around and land, buckle up and take off again, I made dumb decision to buckle the seat belt in the air (while in bumpy air). I really struggled with this task (well documented on the video), and it was serious distracted flying. I will never do it again and I hope I will never forget again to buckle up in the first place.

208. Good Turbulence Flying Apollo Trike, Oct 30, 2018

Just 2 min video showing sudden and a bit unpleasant turbulence during otherwise peaceful flight.

207. Flying to Kamloops South Ridge, Knutsford and Sandbars with Major Turbulence, Oct 30, 2018

It was my second flight of that decent flyable day. I flew SE towards Knutsford airstrip, but still did not dare to land there in this fast trike and with my low hours time on it.

On the way back towards the airport area I encountered very sudden, short but a major turbulence. Let's see if you have patience to wait for it. I never experienced this before: During this bouncing up and down like garbage bag in the wind, all of the sudden I felt very strong blast of air from my left side. It totally freaked me out. If anything it should be from the front and not from the side. Luckily for me it lasted less them minute, but if definitely perked my attention

I have very nice views of the ever changing river sandbars, with very complex underwater formations.

206. Flying to Kamloops North Ridge, North Shore of Kamloops Lake and Sandbars, Oct 30, 2018

Nice flight into, still for me not known, Kamloops region. Nice scenery with many payers of mountains and hills. I wanted to test my Monster Vision 360 camera, but the battery quit in just 15 minutes

205. Flying to North of Kamloops to Barriere, BC. Oct 20, 2018

The lately, weather is almost every day perfect for flying, with no wind and turbulence. I flew north to small town on North Thompson River, Barriere. I flew almost straight line over the mountain to Barriere and followed the North Thompson River on the way back south. The flight was very uneventful, but the sky was hazy from cold morning fog. It was especially noticeable facing sun through fog and haze, large windshield and helmet face shield. This was not very good combination for taking pictures either. I still manage to bring and edit decent video and good set of aerial pictures.

204. Flying to Greenstone Mountain and Ajax, Oct 15, 2018

I set the prop pitch to 9 deg, based on experience during the previous flight. Everything looked good after take off, so I decided to fly straight south and uphill to Greenstone Mountain. Unfortunately, I ended up on similar peak, but not where I wanted to be. There was wind and practically no turbulence until I was close to the mountain ridge. The air was very turbulent and unpleasant. I did not want to push mu luck with my new steel shoulder, still untested in the battle. I decided to skip the Greenstone and turned back north. The unpleasantness turned again to tranquil pleasure flight. Flew over Ajax mine area and my favourite river sand bars. It was good flight

203. Short Test Flights by Kamloops Lake South Shore, Oct 15, 2018

When I was transporting this trike with just 9 hours on it, I damaged one prop blade. I installed new prop. The original owner told me that he set the prop pitch to 11.5 deg. I measured the same angle too. I originally set the pitch of the new prop to 11.5 deg. The static test, (trike was not flying, but it was reved up on the ground), produced only 4,000 RPM as versus desired of 5 500 RPM.

Eventually I ended up with 6.5 deg pitch and the engine produced max 5,400 RPM when not moving.

I noticed during my previous flight, that I could run the engine at max RPM in just 3/4 of throttle. This could be potentially dangerous to over rev the engine. I also noticed big difference in max RPM between static test on the ground and the actual flying. Based on the above I set the pitch back to 11.5 deg and took off for this flight. The pitch was too coarse with poor performance and 4,500 RPM max. I turned back and changer the pitch to 9 deg. It worked well during my following flight above.

202. My First Cross Country Flight in Apollo Trike, Oct 14, 2018

It was beautiful fall day so I decided to pull my new trike and myself through some cross country flight test. I flew to the second largest ski area in Canada, Sun Peaks. Ten minutes into the flight my two GoPro cameras refused to record. Luckily, my wing camera was working. Resulting video is from one camera only versus my usual at lease three camera views.

It was the first time I really appreciated the wing speed trim and figured out how it supposed to be used. It is very good device especially in stable air and long flights.

It is interesting to compare my previous Airborne Trike with the original Wizard wing and this Apollo with Cheval 14 wing. Both trips measured 135 km (coincidence). The Airborne trip took 2:13 hours and this Apollo just 1:14 hour. The Apollo is really moving, but it still looks and feels slow in the air. Basically I do not perceive any speed difference.

201. My First Flight after Shoulder Replacement Surgery, Oct 11, 2018

It was the first flight with my steel shoulder. It was the result of being victim in motorcycle accident 5 months earlier. I feel that I am getting slowly back to my regular life again. I missed all that warm flying weather and now I am back into winter clothing again. It was one hour flight around Kamloops to check my favourite places, Mount Peter and Paul and South Thompson river sand bars. It was good and uneventful flight.

192. Sunset Flight in Smoky Air, July 25, 2018

It was beautiful, but hot (30C) and very smoky evening. There are many forest fires around us, but luckily far away from Kamloops. We still get the smoking signals here too. I wanted to test my navigation and landing lights and newly installed transponder. I was planning to fly up till 30 min passed the sunset, but I eventually gave up right after the sunset. The air was smooth and pleasant in higher elevation. I was also wakening up by some summer turbulence. I am very happy with this trike and how it performs. You could see on my website several pictures of the flight instruments taken during the flight. It moves without any sweat at 70 kn (80 m/h, 129 km/h) and just around 5200 rpm.

I was wearing light summer jacket with loose sleeves, which caused a lot of wind vibration transferred into bar mounted cameras. I ended up with jello effect in my videos

191. Second Flight in Apollo Trike, July 23, 2018

The morning looked perfect for my second flight in new Apollo trike. My original plan was much more ambitious then I eventually ended up with. As soon as I crossed the river to the south side the air become nasty. High wind a loft and morning heat with temperatures differences of at lease 20C between shade and sunny sides ruined my flight plan. I concluded that it was too much for me in just second flight in new trike. I turned back north and stayed there which felt much better. I made just 30 min flight in my familiar territory. I got warning to head home when I noticed that east half of our big lake (closer to me) had glossy water, but the west side looked black and choppy. It was still good flying day, but not relaxing. The wing trim worked, but I did not notice much difference or purpose of it. I guess I need more time and more steady flying conditions to appreciate it.

190. First Flight in Apollo Trike, July 22, 2018

I received deposit from potential buyer on my excellent Airborne trike in April 2018. I promised him, that I will not fly it anymore to preserve its condition as I advertised it. I decided to move one notch higher in the trike category. I really liked the styling of the Hungarian made Apollo, DeltaJet2 with Rotax 912 UL. I was very lucky to find one in Winnipeg area with just 8.5 hours on the engine (and trike). I could not resist having some more, accelerated fun in my quickly vanishing life expectancy.

Meanwhile, in May15th, I became victim of careless track driver who pushed me off the road while I was riding my motorcycle. I lost a lot of skin from my legs, arms and hands. I had torn several muscles and tendon in left shoulder.  My summer fun was in serious jeopardy, because of my limited left arm mobility. Eventually I recovered reasonably quickly my skin, but my shoulder has to be replaced. This flight day was just one weak before the scheduled surgery. I would have to wait at least 4 months after the surgery, so my flying season will be in serious trouble. I had to fly my new trike, because I have no idea if this would even fly and I could not wait any longer.

I was very pleasantly surprised that there was not any nastiness in the Apollo trike. It handles well and it was only the second trike (or wing) which I was comfortable with from the first minute. I have to adjust the pedals which are too close for my legs and fix the electric wing trim. The fuse burned out. I have to find why. I am expecting very good fun with this toy

189. Flying Buse Lake Area, April 4, 2018

Beautiful, but bumpy flight to Buse Lake. I was following the mountain ridges on both sides on South Thompson River. The Buse Lake is famous by changing color in the late summer from green to pink from plankton in the water. Check the Kamloops region beauty

188. Flying to Savona and Kamloops Downtown, March 31, 2018

The ground wind was very light, but up to 38 km/h in the air. I was considering several times to give up, because the turbulence was getting unpleasant. I was telling myself to be brave, otherwise I would never learn to handle this type of situation. It was good flight over this beautiful countryside here in Kamloops.

This trike is for sale: New wing last spring and complete engine overhaul last year too. It flies perfectly, but buying a bigger trike.

187. Nice Aerial View of Kamloops Area from South and all around, March 17, 2018

Another beautiful flying day. Flew SE to Campbell Creek Rd, north to Barnhartvale, North Ridge west over Mt Peter & Paul. Very nice view of the Mt Mara top and fly around perspective. Sand bars are always spectacular while flying south and then east over Kamloops downtown. Check it out.

186. Flying Loop Harper Mountain - Tobiano, March 11, 2018

It was perfect day for flying with blue sky and above freezing temperature. I was following Kamloops South Ridge east, then to Harper Mountain ski slopes north. I turned west over the North Ridge, then to south across the Kamloops Lake to Tobiano and finally east over the South Ridge back to river sand bars and airport. It was relaxing flight over very beautiful country site.

185. Flying to Harper Mountain Ski Resort, Kamloops, Feb 27, 2018

Another beautiful day for flying: Temperature was slightly above freezing, sunny, blue sky and very light wind. I could not ask for anything better than this. I was flying east over the Kamloops North Ridge towards the second ski resort in Kamloops, Harper Mountain. Everything looked perfect and I was encouraged by the perfect flight a day before. The flight was very relaxing until I was just above the Holston Bridge. The turbulence and sudden 28 km/h headwind were two things which I did not want to deal with. The flight was still OK until I reached the edge of Harper Valley, just 5 km west of the ski resort. The problem was very large snow cloud on my left (North) and another ever increasing snow cloud on my back right side (SW). Those two clouds were coming together, which I did not like. After a few minutes of bouncing around and thinking should or shouldn't I to continue, I chickened out and turned back. I was surprised that I was flying again into headwind of about 25 km/h. The upper wind just shifted 180 deg. It was still beautiful flight in very nice countryside.

184. Beautiful Flight over North Ridge Lac Du Bois Road, Kamloops, Feb 26, 2018

It was beautiful day to explore other areas in Kamloops region. Flew north, roughly following the Lac Du Bois road and then turned west by the Lac Du Bois towards Tranquille River valley. The south turn brought me to one of the most beautiful area to fly, which is the NE of Kamloops Lake, part of North Ridge. Flew over Mara Mt then crossing the airport to South Ridge and eventually to snow covered Thompson River sand bars. I saw there again 25 eagles and at least 15 other birds of pray, eagles' competitors, and all living there in total harmony. I was caught in wake turbulence just a foot before my touch down. My sudden right turn before touch down was caused by the wake turbulence from taxiing airplane.

183. Short Flight over North Ridge Downtown, Kamloops, Feb 22, 2018

It felt like warmer day, but it was still cold, particularly on my fingers. I had to pull hands from gloves several times to fiddle with radio and cameras, which does not help at that speed and in open freezing air. I made short flight to Mt Peter and Paul, downtown and back to the airport.

I will be selling this trike, because I am moving into higher league; I am buying Apollo DeltaJet2 with Rotax 912. It would be difficult to part with this trike and especially with the engine fully overhauled and new latest technology wing installed in summer 2017.

182. Short Flight over North Ridge Downtown and Sandbars, Kamloops, Jan 13, 2018

The first flight in the new year. Kamloops received a bit of sunshine on snow covered ground and mild temperature, just below freezing. It was short time, which was limited by my level of freezing fingers.

I counted 23 eagles on the ground, trees and one in flight. It was good flight.


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