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April 19, 2023

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200. My First Float Flying, Fort McMurray 1983

My first ever flying on floats in 1983. I flew my weight shift Atlas made in Edmonton AB by Birdman. It was exceptionally easy to fly, but poorly designed machine. I never took any lesson and I flew it perfectly the first time. The same on floats. I was very apprehensive after reading so many horror stories about float flying. I expected to die, but it was much easier that anything else.

199. Fort McMurray, AB, Flying Weight Shift Atlas in Winter 1983

Winter flying on Snye, the most popular place for winter activities at that time

198. Fort McMurray, AB, Flying Weight Shift Atlas 1982

The weight shift Atlas was the best concept and easiest flying machine. Easily transportable, but very poorly designed. I had several close calls with this machine: broken prop shaft, stripped prop dive belt, broken cable tong, flipped upside down on the lake with pontoons and many engine quits.


197. Motorized Rogallo in Italy 1977

This was an excellent concept of hang glider replacing aeroplane wing. I flew very well. I wish someone developed and modernized this concept. I saw it in Italy during our time waiting for immigration to Canada.

196. First in Flight Selfie Movie, Rana Hang Gliding 1974

Flying with my improved Dacron type cover material, which was significant improvement from the previous poly, rain coat, stretchable sail.
This shows my first selfie from mechanical (spring winding) movie camera. The movie film camera took just 3 min movie before if had to be rewound. I built camera remote control from the bicycle break leaver and cable. The trigger worked on the ground, but not in the air. Fortunately, it stacked in ON position, so camera took just full film movie (~3 min). Yah, how far it was from the GoPro.

195. Hang Gliding Pioneers in Rana, Czech Republic 1974

1974 beginning of quickly developing hang gliding sport

194. Rana Hang Gliding Beginnings in Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia, CSSR) 1974

Beginning of hang gliding in Czechoslovakia in very popular and ideal learning place, Rana near Louny
This was one of my best time in my life to be surrounded by people similarly crazy and in love of this quickly developing sport. This movie shows the first accident on that hill.

193. How I Started to Fly in 1974

I never flew anything in my life. I built a hang glider from home available materials, made all the cable connections from cooper tubing. Saw the sail from poly rain coat material. This film sequence show how I learned to fly and learned to fly it in just couple of hours. Never stopped flying since except for 2 years in 1980 after my serious hang glider accident when my marriage was in jeopardy.

3. Trike Flying in Kauai, Hawaii Nov 11, 2007

While visiting my son Petr in Hawaii, where he was living, Petr bought me Trike flight in Hawaiian island Kauai. This was my Christmas present from him. So I did the same and bought him the same flight. This is short version of one hour flight over very beautiful, but also very hostile terrain. Very deep canyons, almost vertical slopes, sharp like knife. The chance for very turbulent air was also in my mind. There is very dark and no vegetation Waimea Canyon just beside very green tropical vegetation. It is perfect scenario to make this flight hairy.

2. Bell Blimp in Fort McMurray, July 8, 2006

Short clip of, for me, exciting event to see blimp in close up.

1. Trike Flying by Jan Nademlejnsky above Fort McMurray. AB in June 2006

I was flying in Fort McMurray for many years, but I have only few videos to prove it. This is one of those videos.